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Bible Vs. Odyssey Essay

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The Bible and Homer’s The Odyssey oppose in religious beliefs but both tell stories of climatic moments filled with love and faith. Homer wrote the Odyssey in the eighth century BCE. The Bible is presumably written by multiple sources throughout years. The theory of JEPD immediately sets the two stories apart. The Odyssey tells the tale of one man’s trust in the gods and himself, while The Bible illustrates the devotion of many men to one god. The Bible is brief and contains more information. The Odyssey is eloquently described and is poetic in its entirety. Although depict scenes of emotional magnitude and have themes of trust, The Bible and The Odyssey differ from one another in writing style such as rhythmic structure, brevity, chronologic order, and use of suspense.
The god or gods of both The Odyssey and The Bible are the source of touching or plot altering scenarios. When Zeus has requested that Calypso let Odysseus go, though it is difficult for her she must fall to Zeus’ will similar to how Abraham must do what God requests of him. Calypso has taken Odysseus hostage for seven years and changes Odysseus from a cunning and driven man to one that is described “sitting, still, / weeping, his eyes never dry, his sweet life flowing away/with the tears he wept for his foiled journey home,” (V 166-9). The effect Gods’ have over mortal is also demonstrated is in chapter 22 of The Bible. The request of sacrificing not only his “only” son, but also the covenant he has with God causes Abraham a whirlwind of pain. Unconditional gratitude is an additional common theme. When Calypso releases Odysseus from her island, Odysseus, even though previously consumed in sadness, performs great acts of affection toward Calypso. When the angel demands that Isaac not be killed, Abraham still sacrifices the Ram to god. An additional recognizable similarity is with the gods. For instance; Hermes is the messenger god while angels are messengers of god both these characters are important elements to the specific stories selected. Both examples of significant emotional plot points from these pieces of literature demonstrate the expectations and power the gods have over mortals and highlight similar beliefs.
Trust and reassurance of trust is a recurring in both literary works. Chapter 22 immediately starts with the narrative stating, “Sometime later God put Abraham to the test.” (Genesis 22:1). This is an obvious example that God must confirm that Abraham is...

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