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Biblical Creationism Versus Scientific Origin Essay

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Commonly, religious discussion turns to the subject of origins. There are two reasons for this: firstly, there are those with a literal or semi-literal interpretation of the Bible (or other relevant holy book) who remain convinced that the world was created in the recent past looking more or less as it does today. Obviously, this issue must be resolved before the existence or nature of the deity can even begin to be discussed! Secondly, even those with the more common, nonliteral interpretation of the creation story often use arguments that aren't valid to insist on direct interference by a deity at one or more points in the past. And while thanks to its flexibility this "tinkering" God theory cannot be ruled out to the same degree as literal interpretation story potentially can, its proponents should still be aware that there's little justification from the evidence for it, and that the majority of the story of our origins can now be explained in a secular manner.

The basic idea: scientific knowledge, as we know it, is not incompatible with a creator. But it most certainly does not require one.

I think it would be prudent to define a few terms first.

Evolution: The change in life over long time scales by descent with modification through natural selection, except when used in astronomical context (where it refers to slow changes in stars and galaxies.)
Creationism: Specifically, I use this to mean Christian young-earth creationism; the belief that Earth was created in 6 literal days as written in Genesis 1.
Taxon: a division of life: kingdom, phylum, class, species, etc, or an example of such a division (Animals, Chordates, Mammals, Humans, etc)
Geological Epochs:
Precambrian (4500-545 Mya): Primordial epoch; from the formation of Earth until the Cambrian explosion. No plants or animals.
Paleozoic (545-245 Mya): Ancient epoch; from the Cambrian explosion until the Permian extinction. Age of trilobites.
Mesozoic (245-65 Mya): Middle epoch; from the Permian extinction until the K-T (dinosaur) extinction. Age of dinosaurs.
Cenozoic (65-0 Mya): Recent epoch. Starts with the K-T extinction and continues today. Age of mammals.

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906 words - 4 pages . Edwards, Paul. 2005. The Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 2 ed. 1 vols. MacMillan Reference USA. Morris, Henry. M. & Morris, John D. 1998. The Modern Creation Trilogy. New Leaf Publishing Group. Neyman, Greg. 2012. Theistic Evolution. Date of access: 7 May. 2014. Numbers, Ronald. 2006. The Creationists: From Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design. Expanded ed. Cambridge: Harvard University

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