Biblical Reasons The End Of Days Are Upon Us

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Reason #1
In Daniel 12:4 it says, “Even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” I believe that knowledge has definitely increased dramatically over the years. Throughout history, knowledge has been slowly increasing over time. But as you can tell today technology has increased at such a quick rate over a short period of time. This tells me that “knowledge shall be increased.” has been attained.
Education in Daniel’s time was not received by many people.
Putting technology to the side, we have seen that the knowledge of the Bible has become more understandable. People have found out more discoveries of the what the Bible is trying to tell us. And of course, the people who have found out these discoveries have been able to preach it to others who have not heard of God and given them the knowledge. When we go on mission trips, we are spreading the knowledge to more and more people who don’t know about God. And as the time goes on, more and more people become missionaries and more people come to Christ. Tons of Bible prophecies are being met today also.

Reason #2
Also in Daniel 12:4, is says that many will travel. Today, traveling has become such an easy thing to do. Most everyone has cars to get to different places. We have trains, subways, planes and boats to get to hard places that might not be reached with cars. It is so easy to be able to get to where ever you want. In Daniels time, the only transportation was horses. This is also another sign that the end times are near.

Reason #3
If we read Daniel 2:31-45 very carefully, we discover that King Nebuchadnezzar dream of the image of the man is a symbol of the earths history. You have the head of Gold (Babylon), the breast of Silver (Persia), Thighs of Brass (Greece), Legs of Iron (Rome) and Feet of Iron and Clay (Divided Nations). The last days are when the earths history arrives at the feet of the image. People have researched the dates of these ages and came to the conclusion that the earth’s history arrived at the feet of the image in 476 AD when the Rome fell and split into the ten kingdoms. That is about 1500 years ago which means that we might just be at the end of the toes of the image (the end of time). And the rock which destroys this image is God’s kingdom, which will strike down the image of the man. This signifies, that the end times are here and we will be able to go to Heaven with God forever

Reason #4
In Daniel 9:24 it talks about the “seventy sevens” stating "Seventy `sevens' are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to...

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