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Biblical Reference In "Goblin Market" Essay

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"Goblin Market" is a story of two sisters who were tempted to try the fruits sell by the goblin men. However, there is a significant depth in this poem. One of the characteristics of the poem is its strong Christian imagery and symbolism such as the descriptions of the goblin men and their fruit, as well as the roles played by the two sisters Laura and Lizzie. Together, these elements relate the “Goblin Market”, with the Story of The Garden of Eden, in terms of temptation, sacrifice and redemption
The most obvious biblical reference in “Goblin Market” is the fruit that the goblins sell. Like Adam and Eve's eating of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden (New ...view middle of the document...

Christians believe that Jesus made a sacrifice in order to overcome the curse of death that had fallen on humanity when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Similarly, Lizzie endures the assault by goblin men in order to save her sister from death and give her the hope of a new life, “White and golden Lizzie stood; Like a lily in a flood –; Like a rock of blue-veined stone; Lashed by tides obstreperously, –;Like a beacon left alone; In a hoary roaring see; Sending up a golden fire” (Rossetti Lines 408-414). Once she returns to her sister, she tells her “Eat me, drink me, love me; Laura, make much of me” (Rossetti Lines 468-470). Both of these actions are very Christ-like, as he endured his crucifixion silently and he told his disciples to drink his wine and eat his bread as if it was his own body during the Last Supper (Fairchild). When Laura realizes the sacrifice, Lizzie has made for her sake, she said," Lizzie, have you tasted; For my sake the fruit forbidden?;Must your light like mine be wasted" (Rossetti Lines 478-481). In this saying Rossetti compares the...

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