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Bibliography For Understanding Accountable Healthcare Organization Role In The Healthcare Reform System

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Understanding Accountable Healthcare Organization role in the Healthcare Reform System
Desarey Sims
Loyola University Chicago

Song, Z., & Lee, T. (2013). The ear of delivery of system reform begins. Journal of American Medical Association, 309(1), 35-6.
In this article the authors explain how health care reform is evolving through a three-step system; insurance (affordable are act), payment (accountable care organization), and physician reform. The elaborate on the idea that in order for ACOs to be successful it must be physicians led to generate and foster lower cost and increase quality health care. The authors offer a unique and controversial perspective in that may aid in the success of ACOs. Dr. Lee is a practicing cardiologist and a professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health. His past research platforms has consisted of research that looks at doctor as leaders of ACOs. Song, has a PHD in Health Policy and currently pursuing a degree in medicine at Harvard Medical School. This article is written for physicians by physicians to stimulate to reassert their position in healthcare reform. This article supports my topic and gives the reader a different perspective of conceptualizing ACOs.
Fisher, E., Shrotell, S. (2010). Accountable care organization- Accountable care for what, whom, and how. Journal of American Medical Association, 304(15), 1715-6.
In this article the authors briefly states the overall goals of ACOs, it attempts to identify whom ACOs are intended for, and give suggestion of how ACOs can obtain the stated goals in order to be successful in slowing the spending of health care growth. Dr. Fisher is a professor of Medicine at Dartmouth Institute, who research background includes evaluating the causes, consequences, and implications of variations in health system performance. Shortell, is Professor of Health Policy and Management was background include research in the evolution of integrated delivery systems. This article is straightforward and easy to read. The article is intended for physician, but it can easily be understood by anyone with loose knowledge about health care reform. It is a great article to support my topic of understanding the primary goals of ACOs.
Rittenhouse, D., Shortell, S., Fisher, E. (2009). Primary care and accountable care- two essential elements of delivery-system reform. New England Journal of Medicine, 361(24), 2301-03.
The author weighs the pros and cons of health care delivery systems through patient-centered medical home (PCMH) and account care organizations (ACO). They highlight key point of success and...

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