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Biceps And Body Image: The Relationship Between Muscularity And Self Esteem, Depression, And Eating Disorder Symptoms

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Promoting the Mental Health of Immigrants 1Running Head: PROMOTING THE MENATL HEALTH OF IMMIGRANTSPromoting the Mental Health ofImmigrants: A Multicultural/SocialJustice PerspectiveManuel TuveriIndiana Wesleyan UniversityPromoting the Mental Health of Immigrants 2AbstractThe latest statistics show that immigration in the United States is rapidly increasing and that 1 out of every 10 people comes from an immigrant or refugee background.This article describes the current situation of immigrants, their challenges, ways of adaptation, and adjustment. It investigates the different scenarios and outcomes affecting legal and undocumented immigrants. Language barriers and cultural differences contribute to the loss of community identity e social support. The counselor's role becomes very important and serious consideration is given to the ethical and moral aspect of the relationship.Promoting the Mental Health of Immigrants 3The authors describe the current situation in the United States involving immigration, the type of immigrants, and their characteristics. A particular attention is given to the legal and to the undocumented immigrants. The two very distinct types of immigrants often tend to face dissimilar challenges due to their particular social status. The up to date statistics also give the reader a precise idea about the socio-economic condition in the United States and the current situation concerning immigration. The article examines external variables such as racism, discrimination, and prejudice that often affect this type of population. Counselors should be culturally competent and should take in consideration these variables and how these variables can psychologically affect immigrants. Therapists should take in consideration that immigrants often deal with sociopolitical and multidimensional dynamics that require flexibility, preparation, and sense of adaptation. They should avoid common mistakes such as feeling too sympathetic or not being critical enough....

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2211 words - 9 pages the low self-esteem is, for many girls, to control eating and therefore improve their physical appearance in order to feel better about themselves. Then, the symptoms of disordered eating (such as tiredness, hunger, emotional strain, struggles with control) become stressful in themselves, perpetuating a bidirectional relationship between low self-esteem due to stress and eating disorders. Stress is both a cause and an effect of eating

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1455 words - 6 pages society. It seems as if wherever anyone goes, stories of people who endure these disorders on a daily basis are discussed. According to Derenne and Beresin’s article Body image, media, and eating disorders, they state that eating disorders, such as the ones mentioned above have been coming into the forefront more recently due to the increases in the access to media and more specifically, social media. This article also discusses the dramatic

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1291 words - 5 pages . McCourt, J., Waller, G. (1996) The influence of sociocultural factors on the eating pyschopathology of asian women in british society. European Eating Disorder Review,4, 73-83. Molloy, B., Herzberger, S. (1998) Body image and self-esteem: A comparison of african american and caucasian women. Sex-Roles, 38, 631-643. Mumford, D., Whitehouse, A., Platts, M., (1991) Sociocultural correlates of eating disorders among asian school girls in

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2506 words - 10 pages a sacrifice when battling an eating disorder unless treatment is sought. Combating eating disorders and low self-esteem is not simple. New body image movements supporting fat pride have been on the rise but are often ineffective. Fat acceptance movements proposed are ineffective because they promote dieting or being overweight and usually ignore the health implications that being overweight has. For instance, in 2009 Good Morning America did a

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1910 words - 8 pages . Since the parents do not live together, there is inadequate love for the child. This is one of the reasons that can trigger depression and low self-esteem. Peers at home and also in school that tease and stigmatize the boy may be contributing to his detrimental development. He should not be allowed to play in neighborhood where he will be prone to bullying or insult. The child should be monitored, because such children can develop frustration and

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1978 words - 8 pages According to the Central Argument the relationship between consciousness and self bears the same structure as that between consciousness and world. The self and the world are thus linked together as “two objects for the absolute, impersonal consciousness” (Ibid, 57). As a philosophy of human experience7, this account of the relationship between self and world seems to leave out too many aspects of our actual experience to provide a satisfying

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1945 words - 8 pages factor for possible eating disorders or body dissatisfaction (Goni & Rodriquez, 2007). So, while encouraging one to participate in physical exercise may be helpful in leading to overall better body satisfaction and reports of healthier self-esteem levels, it is important to remember that if the physical exercise becomes excessive and compulsory, it is not longer beneficial to an individual. Not only is ones level of physical fitness a factor

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552 words - 2 pages The connection between media, advertising, and self image has always been around. Be it the idea of being as skinny as the model on TV, or just drinking name brand Coke to be “cool”. Being like the model usually causes more problems than a simple Coke, but it all happens. The model on TV usually affects people in the way that the men or women may want to be tanned, skinny, strong, or all around good looking. The effects of Coke may only have

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1897 words - 8 pages of available resources after which researchers and teachers were made available for questions and comments. Then participants were taught about the effects of media bullying and ‘fat shaming’ on eating disorders and body image issues. After the debriefing students were asked to form groups of 4 or 5 and discuss what they had learned from the study and talk about the adverse effects of ‘fat shaming’ and other forms of bullying on self-esteem and

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689 words - 3 pages Body image issues manifest in Like Water for Chocolate and The hundred Foot journey. Describe the self-esteem issues different characters encounter in each text. How do these issues shape their self-identity or relationships with others? Relationship betwwen self esteem and family customs with respect to food Food is fundamental a piece of our life. Each one society has exceptional cooking character. Each society is one of a kind in their

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1007 words - 5 pages contrast, stress continuation theory states that the relationship between depression and stress is continued by stress over time. Uliaszek et al. (2012) points out that stress can be described by two additional dimensions. These dimensions include, independent stress refers to anything that is beyond the individual’s control, while dependent stress occurs as a result of the individuals own actions. On the other spectrum, interpersonal stress refers

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