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Biff Essay

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Biff’s self-evolution and alteration into the Biff Lowman that the play concludes with, was brought about through a series of hardships, personal growth and inner conflict encountered in the trials of following ones heart, no matter the judgments of his family, or civilization as an entire. To truly understand Biff Lowman it is important to analyze Biff at the beginning of the story and Biff after the peak of his existence leading to his downward spiral and realization of the harsh realities that the Earth has to offer. To start at the beginning one must first define what the “beginning” is. Is it the start of a story? Or is it the start of a characters portrayal in the youngest most juvenile sense? For sake of categorization we shall define the start as the flashbacks presented throughout the play in Willie’s times of distress, and confusion.
Biff loved his father. He sought him out for advice, inspiration and guidance. All of his actions in the past were done purely out of love for his father. Biff wanted to impress his father and seek gratification from him whenever possible, that is why he told his father that, “when he takes off his helmet to score that touchdown he was doing it for Willie”, his idol. He bought into whatever his father told him because he saw Willie as a big shot salesman an illusion that was orchestrated from the very beginning. That is why he believed without hesitation that he was destined for greatness, born to be a college football player, but that was sadly not the case, the delusion was broken when he failed math. Biff however believed that his father could fix all of his problems with his smile and salesman like persona, so he journeyed to Boston, unaware that this was the last hill on the rollercoaster leading to a cosmic downfall of epic proportions. When he arrived in Boston he caught his father cheating. This incident changed Biff shattering his perception of life leading him to pick up the...

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