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Big Benefits, Big Commitments Essay

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The idea of being a dentist or doctor generates images of a comfortable lifestyle. It takes great effort and commitment to get to that point. Knowing what is the right career before that commitment is made, is essential. Getting into the medical field is a demanding task, but picking an area of specialization is even more challenging.
The love of children is very important for a pediatrician. Their goal in life is to help and care for as many children from birth to 21 years as possible (Pediatricians). A pediatrician’s job is to reduce infant and child mortality, control infectious disease, educate families on healthy lifestyles, and help children with chronic illnesses. Diagnosing and treating specific sicknesses are what pediatricians do for their living. They may have to deal with infections, injuries, genetic defects, malignancies, and organic diseases and dysfunctions (The Pediatrician). Helping patients with the health problem they have is very important, but they also focus on preventing problems as well. They start examining a newborn within the 24 hours of when he or she is born. Scheduled visits are more regular for younger patients, because this is a very fragile time in their life and checking the patients’ growth, weight, and development is very important. Even though pediatricians deal only with children, they still have to be able to communicate with adults too. Getting important information from children can be very hard, so being able to communicate is an important attribute. They not only have to get along with patients, but they will have to get along with other nurses and health care workers as well. The medical history and exam results have to be collected, recorded and stored by the pediatrician. Pediatricians don't always have to work in hospitals as a doctor or an administrator. They can also start community health programs, teach at medical schools, or do research on procedures and treatments towards diseases (Pediatrician).
A Pediatrician's schooling is more challenging than other careers, and the debt will take many more years to pay off. The debt will depend on if the school attended was public or private, but the average debt is $24,553 -$37,445 a year (Becoming a Pediatrician). Many people are aware of how difficult it can be to become doctor, but many don’t completely understand the process on how to get there. Before they can apply to medical school, they need to complete four years at a college or university and receive a bachelor’s degree and pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). It is very crucial to score high on this test, because it is a big determinant of getting into medical school. The competition remains very high from the beginning of the medical school education and throughout residency, so students must always be on task in order to succeed. Education is known to officially start when an individual gets accepted into medical school. As a tradition they sometimes...

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