Big Brother Is Watching You By George Orwell

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“Big Brother is watching you.” It is rare that a precautionary tale becomes a scarily accurate depiction of the world we live in. Yet with the recent controversy surrounding the NSA and unprecedented surveillance of citizens all over the world, George Orwell’s tale of a totalitarian super-nation that goes so far as to rewrite history as to keep its people in the dark has become increasingly relevant in the times since its inception. Though 65 years old, 1984 still serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of a government with absolute power left unchecked.
The novel takes place in the fictional nation of Oceania, a nation where a governmental body known as the Party keeps tabs on ...view middle of the document...

The screens double as a camera, through which The Party monitors all activity.
Though the manipulation doesn’t end at the destruction of individual privacy, history is not spared either. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, a department of the government responsible for rewriting history as it suits the party. This includes editing every document, every telecast, every audio message. Every bit of stimulus that tells the people what Big Brother wants them to hear. Above all else though, the Ministry is responsible for the concept of doublethink. An Orwellian ideal that has taken on a life of its own outside the novel, doublethink refers to the act of ordinary people accepting two mutually contradicting beliefs. An extension of Newspeak, citizens engage in and eventually fall victim to double think through peer pressure and a desire to fit into societal norms, whether for selfish such as gaining influence in The Party, or out of self-preservation. So pervasive is doublethink throughout the world that even going so far as to notice a...

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