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Big Bucks Corp Merger Essay

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The Big Bucks Corporation and Consolidated Industries, two major corporations have just merged. The two companies have picked Nashville, Tennessee as their desired location for a six-day planning meeting bringing together the upper management, which will now consist of 250 executives. Nashville, Tennessee is a great location for a meeting, there is plenty to do and lots of DMCs that can help me plan companion programs, trips and tours for the wives of the executives. Destination Nashville, is a global DMC partner as well as the Gaylord Opryland Resort’s go-to for anything events related. They specialize in Meet & Greets, Tours, and VIP Activities, Shuttling and Transportation, Evening and ...view middle of the document...

Since The Big Bucks Corporation and Consolidated Industries companies have just completed their merger, the budget for this six-day meeting and overall event plans are unlimited. The top management and their spouses expect nothing but the best, and in the budgeting meeting prior to the trip, a number couldn’t be reached, so they said, “The sky is the limit.” That makes my job a whole lot easier. Since it is a six-day business meeting and there are 250 wives, I have decided to do different things every day. Some that overlap, some that are half-day events, but the majority of the trips, tours, programs and mini-events that I have planned for them are full day. The first thing we wanted to establish was a means of transporting 250 wives safely and effectively. We have arranged for two VIP charter busses to take them around to each place on the schedule. Since on Day 1, they were had just arrived in Nashville, we decided to plan a Dine-Around. It would start at mid-morning, around 10am, and the busses would take us around to all of Nashville’s best restaurants where chefs have set up custom tasting menus for the ladies. This will go until roughly 3pm, when after we would return to the hotel. This was primarily so the wives could tell their husbands and go out for a nice dinner just the two of them. Then there would be no nighttime activities since it’s been a long first day and we wanted to give everyone a chance to get settled. Day 2 begins bright and early with hotel breakfast and busses leaving at 8:15am sharp! Today is tour day and we have two half-day tours scheduled. The first half of the day will be a historical sites tour, as well as a five star lunch. Then we will return to downtown and the busses will drop the ladies off for some shopping until 4pm. Then we will return to the hotel, and the husbands will meet up with their wives for dinner. The second tour will be a nighttime tour of Nashville’s most haunted. It will start at 8pm and go until 11pm. The tour is done by trolley that will pick everyone up and drive them around the city, visiting and stopping at sites. Day 3 is a little more forgiving after that super long day and late night out! Activities for the wives will begin at noon, so they have the option to either sleep late or go to the spa or just relax in the morning. However, promptly at 11am, we will once again board the charter busses and will drive to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and little do they know that at various points on the tour we have scheduled meet & greets with some of todays hottest country chart toppers. The country stars will be met in the order as follows, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Brantley Gilbert with Joe Nichols and Thomas Rhett, and finally, the King of Country himself, George...

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