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Big Data:The Latest Revolutionary Technology Essay

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Big data, one of the hottest technologies used today, is found in various fields of our society. People must be surprised if they realize how their lives are affected by big data. For instance, many companies use big data to make a plan of next year. Sales companies use big data to analyze the characteristics of customers. Even using ‘T map Navigator’ to drive through the shortest way is the product of big data. As Big data is one of the greatest new technology today, it is useful in the fields of industry, commerce, and real life.
To begin with, big data is an essential technology in the field of industries. In advertisement industry, big data technology is necessary to make advertisements more efficient. Jeff Kelly, a journalist, even named his article’s title as ‘Advertising Agencies Must Adapt to Big Data or Die Trying’. According to the article, it is obvious that there is a shift in traditional print and broadcast advertising to digital advertising. Google and Facebook are significant examples of using big data in advertisement industry. Previously, in traditional mass media such as TV and newspaper, Ad agencies took a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’. It means that companies just advertise to the public regardless of people’s characteristics. On the other hand, Google and Facebook can deliver personalized advertisements to their audiences. They collect, store and analyze users’ data in order to allow advertisers to advertise efficiently. Furthermore, big data has become a hot trend in traveling industry as well. For instance, a company called ‘Sojern’ is collecting information across airlines, hotels, rental car agencies and credit card companies. Based on the information, the company analyzes when and where people go abroad, which brands people prefer and more. Thus, the company can adjust fees of airlines, hotels, rental car to attract more travelers with reasonable prices. British Airways, for example, is trying to refer to personal preference with its Know Me program. The company can offer personally preferred seats to each passenger by analyzing passenger’s patterns with big data technology.
On top of that, big data works as a useful tool in the area of commerce. In commerce, Wal-Mart is known as the pioneer who uses big data for its marketing. As can be expected from the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart has an extensive big data ecosystem. ‘Wal-Mart Labs’, which develops many big data tools, contributes increasing efficiency of analyzing its customers. Firstly, ‘Social Genome’ is one of the products developed by Wal-Mart Labs. It helps Wal-Mart to better understand the context of what their customers are saying online. It allows Wal-Mart to reach customers, or friends of customers, who have mentioned something online to inform them about discount on that exact product For instance, Wal-Mart Labs shows an example of a woman tweeting regularly about movies. When she tweets “I love Salt”, Wal-Mart is able to understand...

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