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Big Hits, Broken Dreams Essay

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After watching the film Big Hits, Broken Dreams and hearing all the great points that Dr. Sanjay Gupta made I am truly astonished by the things I have seen and heard. As every high school and college athlete knows, there are many great benefits to playing all sports. Whether you are looking for a “full ride” to college, or even a career in the professional league, there are many excellently successful roads for an athlete. With that said, I still believe safety comes first. No matter how much money can be put into something, it wont matter if your dead in the end. There are so many possible chances of getting an injury whether it may be temporary or permanent. Many sport injuries, ...view middle of the document...

A coach can kick and scream all he wants about wanting his “best player” back, but if a parent says no, it’s game over from there. I believe that parents hold the main responsibility to look out for their child’s safety and to use their parenting judgement to decide whether something sounds like a good idea or not. Considering most parents don’t know what they are getting themselves into, they rely on coaches and athletic trainers to make final decisions. I believe that coaches in most areas are too focused on the act of winning, rather than safety. Luckily for the players, there is usually a school athletic trainer who is smarter than that to make the final decision. I think if coaches were to learn more about health and the way their sport’s injuries affect the body they could possibly be more understanding about everything. If I were a sports coach, especially football, I would require my players to have a monthly check. For example, the concussion test shown in the video made a normal kid who said he was fine seem more injured than ever. In terms of the role of the equipment manufacturers, I believe that for every certain amount of product sold it should be re-tested as if it were a new product. There are so many tiny problems that could malfunction with equipment, such as helmet straps breaking, padding of shinguards becoming too “flat”, or even sneakers failing to support the right parts of the ankle. Without the proper equipment, coach’s mentality, and parenting, sports injuries could be more dangerous than anything.
Although many bioethical issues may have something to do with injuries, I believe the main focus would be veracity. Veracity, otherwise known as the truth or fact of something, has been...

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