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Money is the grand key to power. Unfortunately once the door to power is forever unlocked the gate of greed ajar and mayhem is widespread. Money is a large life changing factor, and with all the present day examples it’s unlikely for one to disagree. In the heart of California was born a legend, a legend born by the name of Jerry Jones. As a young star he shunned the football stadium as he ran the ball down the field. As he took off to the University of Arkansas he bulked up to become a top blocking offensive lineman. As he shined on the football field he also stood out as student. He not only graduated with a reputation of being one of the best offensive lines, but also with a recognizable master’s degree in business. After graduation he was hired as an executive vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, his father's extravagantly successful insurance company. In 1967, he wisely passed up an offer that would’ve changed the way that America views the NFL franchise; an offer to purchase the at-the-moment successful Sand Diego Chargers. He soon began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas, Jones Oil and Land Lease, which became phenomenally successful. Jones used the fortune he amassed from Jones Oil and Land Lease to purchase the wildly popular Dallas Cowboys franchise in 1989. This purchase is one to be remembered forever, one that truly marked the beginning of the ultimate success of Jerry Jones. As modern times suggests to us, with money comes envy. Big man Jerrylicious Jones slithers in money and it disgusts every other man on this planet with a desire to indulge into a big buck business, so what is it that makes it tick with him?
Regardless of whether or not we tend to view an NL team as “lucrative”, in reality each and every franchise owner is immensely successful. The real question is what makes Jerry Jones so wildly popular and rich? Jones is a typical business man with the desire to succeed, and he has gone beyond successful and has landed into the pool of the unforgettable. For one he is indeed like no other sports franchise owner. The NFL is one big business, so in order to achieve and go beyond set goals you must do whatever you can to get the biggest bang for your buck. This philosophy is commonly widespread in the NFL, and in particular Dallas. Jerry Jones takes that philosophy and heavily emphases on it like no other. On Jones’s scale of value his bank account largely outweighs the good of the team. Luckily enough for Mr. Jones the Dallas Cowboys have always been known as “Americas Team”, this humongous advantage allows him to be very successful with his spending. He knows that whatever he does he will remain to have a large fan base. Therefore he will try to save as much money possible to maintain his wealth. When it comes to the contracts of his individual players he will, just as any other businessman, try to spend the least possible amount on his players, but Mr. Jones doesn’t make exceptions....

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