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Big Guy's Don't Cry Essay

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BIG BOYS DON"T CRY Crying in public. This has never been something the male race has been approved to do, so when I saw this gender norm "violation" as a possibility, I hopped right on it. Growing, up both of my parents had always stressed the importance of "sucking it up" and "taking it like a man." I guess that is what their parents had told the boys in their family, so it must have been customary to teach me the same thing.This gender norm had to have been established because of the idea of men and their responsibilities. Since the beginning of time men were held accountable for their families. Their jobs were to protect them. A man had to be strong to defend his family's honor and safety. And crying was associated with weakness, this why women were aloud to do it because it was expected of them to be dependent upon their man and look to him for security and guidance. So if a man was ever seen crying, he was often the target of ridicule, and was never respected by his peers and even his own family. This provided all the more reason for the man to remain stoic and emotionless, especially when he was in public. Despite the fact that crying is said to be therapeutic and a good way to relieve tension, stress or anger, and even though tears do help flush foreign objects out of the eye, men must continue to be the backbone.Date: November 20, 2001 Time: 12:15pm Place: Commons on Campus Pulling off this task would not be an easy one. I found a spot on campus at commons where I knew a lot of people would pass. I sat at the bench and began to think intensely. I tried to think of all my deepest worries and greatest fears, anything to get some kind of emotion out of me. After about ten minutes a tear fell from my eye, a few seconds after that I had seemed to be overcome with emotion. Tears just fell like rain. I began to sob and mumble to myself, hoping to get a reaction by anyone walking by.One young woman did. Being that she was walking pretty fast, she had to have been late for class, yet she stopped and slowly walked over to me as cautious as possible. She slowly laid her hand on my right shoulder and very serenely asked if I was all right. I quickly fabricated a sad story to support my tears and ensured her things would be all right. She fumbled through her backpack and came up with a Kleenex. She gently rubbed my back and said, "I was I could stay and keep you company but I am late for my Psychology midterm, but I want you to take care of yourself. We exchanged names and she headed off to class. I noticed her occasionally looking back to me at the bench; her look was filled with concern.Approximately seven minutes later, a group of fraternity boys walked by my spot. My head was down being hidden by my folded arms but I took a sneak peak once I heard them. I heard a lot of laughter. One guy even called me a "faggot." They exchanged a lot of jokes and chastised me from a distance; this made the tears come a little easier....

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