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It is amazing how life passes in the blink of an eye. Everybody has a unique story about a moment that changed his or her life, whether it is winning the lotto, losing a loved one, or even reading a fortune cookie at a scruffy old Chinese restaurant. One moment that everybody can agree is life changing is the step from high school to college. Everything changes with the introduction into the bigger and broader world. Bridging from high school to college is about confronting reality eye to eye with challenge. Leaving high school gave me a big slap on the face, showing me how big it was serving more opportunities and bigger responsibilities.I was a big 8th grader graduating from a middle school in Tustin now entering Mater Dei High School. When I entered Mater Dei on my first day, I was the small one on campus again, the fresh meat, the stupid freshman. Growing up, Mater Dei challenged me more than ever before. Taking on more was a step towards finishing high school. The workload came by the masses and consumed more of my free time. The homework, sports and interactive activities seemed overwhelming since e it was so much to do, but I learned to get used to this way of life learning. The harder and smarter I worked the more I accomplished when itCame down to the big games, meets, test, and possibly the worst of all finals. The aim of high school was to help students prepare the student for college.A couple days ago I went to pick up my sister from school and went to go see my high school cross country at a meet. What a feeling it was; is the feeling so of being felt like you meant more to the world. Everything smaller and the people are more accustoming to who you are. The reason you like this is because high school included eating with your friends at lunch, some gossip, meeting after school in the parking lot (I must mention how much easier it was to park back then too). Basically anything that you did included your close-knit friends at school. Whatever was done, it was usually done with a friend or a group of friends. Most students developed cliques like cheerleaders, the basketball team, the computer club and so. Even thought I was I was never really part of a single clique since my friend and I ventured the different tables, I miss being able to...

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