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Bigger And Better? Possibly Essay

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Nowadays, companies want to expand as much as possible. This is shown by the increases in the number of product lines, and the expansion to new geographical markets. However, does it really make the company better off to expand? In other words, is a bigger company a better company? The concept of economies of scale plays an important role in answering this question. Economies of scale is “the effect on average costs of production of different rates of output, per unit of time, of a given commodity, when all possible adaptations have been carried out to make production at each scale as efficient as possible” (Silberston, 1972). Consequently, the higher the output, the lower average costs per ...view middle of the document...

The result left no room for interpretation, firms with 1-9 employees grew at a rate of 3.3%. Firm with 10-99 employees had a growth rate of 7.8%, while firms with more than 100 employees grew 9.8% (Taylor, 1993). This shows that bigger companies grow better, and therefore are better. Furthermore, bigger companies are also beneficial for employees, since employees at large firms have higher earnings, more fringe benefits, and more promotion opportunities, compared to employees at a small company (Kalleberg & Van Buren, 1996). However, when looking at the level of autonomy an employee has, the smaller companies scored better. But the monetary rewards were higher at the bigger companies. From these researches we can conclude that a bigger company is indeed a better company, since the growth rates and the salaries are higher at a large company, compared to a smaller company.

However, bigger is not always better. In 2011, AIG’s Iberia, a big airline company, had an increase of revenues of 1.4% and an operating margin of 0.2%. Aer Lingus however, compared to Iberia a small airline company, had an increase of revenues of 17% and an operating margin of 5.2%. Aer Lingus had a total profit of $ 826 million, while Iberia had a loss of $ 131 million (Flotteau, 2012). The cause of the weak performance of Iberia could be diseconomies of scale. Diseconomies of scale occur when average costs are increasing, as output...

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