"Biggie Smalls" Notorious B.I.G. Life Story And Research On Shooting

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Christopher Wallace stood a large man at standing 6" 3' and weighing 300 some pounds .Christopher aka "Biggie Smalls" named himself after a hustling character in Bill Cosby's "Lets Do it Again" action-comedy. He felt that the name fit him well and said in an interview with John Farley, Author of Parents aren't supposed to Like it, "It suits my flashy life style" (388). Biggie struggled financially growing up. He was teased and considered "just another fat kid" he dropped out of high school and couldn't get a good job. When he was 15 he began selling crack on a street corner. He did this on and off for several years to make a living, until one day he discovered "Gangsta Rap" which brought him to quick fame, success, and money. His first album, "Ready to Die" sold over one million copies. Biggie's American dream career and lifestyle, in the end, is what brought him to his demise.March 9, 1997 Biggie was a guest of the after-party for the Soul Train Music Awards. Biggie and a few friends decided to leave the festivities a little early, and got into Biggie's GMC Suburban. Biggie's friend got in the drivers seat and biggie sat in the back seat on the passengers side. Biggie had lost his license due to drug possession. An observer noted and stated for Susan Waxman's Washington Post article "More Critics Allege LAPD cover-up", that "Biggie appeared breathless and altered, suffering a broken leg at the time"(A-13). He was a frequent drug user which resulted in his health issues and license suspension. They left the parking lot and began driving, when a passing car pulled next to the suburban and fired several shots at Biggie. One witness reported "A lone gunman in a passing car fired several shots from a 9 mm handgun...hitting the 24 year old rapper" (Farley, 45). The other passengers called 911 and Biggie was put in an ambulance, however unfortunately Biggie didn't make it to the hospital and died on the way.The main reason Biggie was...

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