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Bigoted Hate Essay

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Do you know what prejudice truly stands for? Prejudice means “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason” (“prejudice”). Some types of prejudice are racial discrimination, age discrimination, and gender discrimination (McLeod). The people who are responsible for a person to be prejudice are the families of these people. Families determine people’s attitudes towards religions and cause people to be prejudice (“Chapter 2”). Prejudice has been evident throughout history from African Americans since their arrival, to Jewish and other people persecuted during the Holocaust, whereas bullying occurs from migrant workers, the handicapped and even ...view middle of the document...

J was black.

On the other hand, people who follow the Jewish religion or were born Jewish, have been prejudice against. This is because the Germans thought that Jews were the reason that they lost WWI. The man who led the fight to capture and kill all Jews, the Holocaust, was Adolf Hitler; also known as “The Fury” (“Adolf Hitler”). In 1933, his leadership of the Nazis began (“Introduction to the Holocaust”). He did not only kill Jews though, he also killed several other races. He wanted to kill anyone who was a superior to their own race, because it made them a threat to him.
This goes along with the novel “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” because in the novel, Jews are in concentration camps. While they are in there, soldiers are mean and kick and yell at the Jews. They were only being cruel because they were prejudice and said that it was the Jews fault that Germany lost the war.

Another way that people can be prejudice is bullying. Bullying means “the act or doing in a way that hurts someone else or makes him/her feel bad on purpose” ( It can really affect kids because victims often commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts. There are many forms of bullying, including cyber bullying, physical bullying, and extortion bullying ( Cyber bullying is using Internet, Physical bullying is punching, pushing, hitting, or any physical contact meant to hurt someone, and extortion bullying is stealing someone’s money or toys ( Sometimes people are bullied for no apparent reason, but a lot of times its because they are different from other people. There is...

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