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Head and back hunched, legs pumping and coasting, the biker seems almost relaxed as he wipes the sweat off his face. However, mountain biking takes a lot of preparation. I spent a lot of time choosing the right (1) mountain biking equipment, in order to have fun when I started on the (2) right mountain biking trail, but I learned soon enough how easy it is to get hurt without "safe" (3) experience. I love mountain biking, because I can see nature first hand. Mountain biking is fun and gets your adrenaline going, but you cannot be afraid to get hurt. [THESIS] Even though [transition] I spent a lot of time choosing my (1) equipment, it was worth it in order to have good, safe fun. For example [Transition A], a mountain bike is a mountain biker's main piece of equipment. For my main piece of equipment, I chose a 20" red MT Sport SX with an enlarged frame, front shock, and six gears. I made sure that the top tube of my mountain bike's frame was about 2" below my crotch, and that the frame wasn't too heavy. Since I ride up and down steep hills, I had to make sure my bike had deep treads so that I wouldn't slip and slide so easily. I likewise made sure that the front shock didn't have too much bounce or else it would break easily and it would be a pain to replace. Another thing about my main piece of equipment is it's best not to stay in one gear throughout the trail. Since the lower gears have better acceleration, I use them for going uphill. In contrast, the higher gears have better top speed, so I use them for going downhill. Doing it this way I've found that I don't get tired out so easily. Equally important, [Transition B] I chose a helmet which was lightweight, strong, durable, and easily cleaned so that I would have comfortable headgear which would also protect me. I've probably spent more time picking out equipment than having fun riding! [clincher] Although [Transition] starting on harder (2) trails would have been more exciting, I may have become afraid and then all of the fun would have been gone. Therefore [Transition A], I found that no matter how good I was on a bike, the Novice Trail is where I should start as a first timer. For example, on mountain trails there are large roots, mud, elevation changes, and snakes just to name a few things which can cause injuries. Snakes slither here and there on the trails, however they're usually gone by the time I've...

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994 words - 4 pages found motivation through the hardships his family and friends endured. Gino’s younger brother was killed in a biking accident, and although Gino was also hurt, it pushed him to continue riding (Road to Valor, a True Story). When Bartali was young, his father was part of a movement against a Fascist dictator. Bartali’s father advised him “to steer clear of politics”(Racing for his Life - and his Country’s). But Gino found politics unavoidable

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1179 words - 5 pages EFFECTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKING ON BULK DENSITY AND TERRAIN COVER.INTRODUCTIONThe sport of mountain biking originated around 1974 and the first production bike was commercially produced around 1984, the mountain bike was different from the previous cycles because of the construction of the frame, sturdier, wider tyres with improved knobbly grip and sealed bearing so dirt could not effect them. Managers of natural areas consider recreational impacts

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539 words - 2 pages Everyone between the ages of 14-50 years, around the world should not be required to use bicycle as his or her main form (define) of transportation.It would take longer for everyone to reach their destination when riding their bike rather that using a train/bus/car. It would all depend on how fast or slow you ride your bike and how far you have to travel. Everyone rides at their own pace. It would take especially brger for older people to ride

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1175 words - 5 pages , all of a sudden you reach that hill, and gain the confidence that you can do this. The next hill is bigger, and you need to remember to shift your gears while pedaling harder. “Mountain biking is not a series of obstacles, but a succession of opportunities. Every rock, every log, every hill offers an opportunity to better your skills and broaden your experience” (King and Kaminer 145). Mountain bike riding is a lot of fun, but the safety

Advertising 3

1567 words - 6 pages ADVERTISING PRODUCT NAME: Nike Biking Shoes NAME OF SOURCE: Men's Health DATE VIEWED: April 6, 2000 MAIN APPEAL: Belonging Needs, Esteem Needs, Self-actualization FIRST IMPRESSION: 7 TARGET AUDIENCE: Adult or Adolescent males who play sports TONE: Direct CONTEXT OF AD: Middle of Magazine


1567 words - 6 pages ADVERTISING PRODUCT NAME: Nike Biking Shoes NAME OF SOURCE: Men's Health DATE VIEWED: April 6, 2000 MAIN APPEAL: Belonging Needs, Esteem Needs, Self-actualization FIRST IMPRESSION: 7 TARGET AUDIENCE: Adult or Adolescent males who play sports TONE: Direct CONTEXT OF AD: Middle of Magazine

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1662 words - 7 pages Coming up to a jump about to go airborne but then smash! He crashes into the dirt breaking his leg and part of his knee, but he has no support. This is where you would go to Road 2 Recovery(R2R) for help. There are many foundations out there to help people with sport problems, but there are only a few to help with dirt biking. This is why The Road 2 Recovery foundation is a dedicated program to help AMA professional motocross and supercross

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1780 words - 8 pages road based motor transport for their daily activities like commuting to work, shopping, taking kids to and from school, social visits, weekend activities. There has been decline over the years on the number of students biking/walking to school and increase on number of people driving their kids to school. New Zealand government currently spends $3 billion each year on road transport with half of it spend on maintenance, improvement and building

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3634 words - 15 pages promote less crime, promote health and healthy lifestyles, and they are a great for community development. There are many stereotypes that skateboarding and biking and while some of the stereotypes are positive there are a vast majority of stereotypes that are negative and misleading. The negative usually slander the name of the sport and say that it promotes crime being the most prevalent of all of them. It is said that skateboarding and

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1259 words - 6 pages addition, NBB uses green building techniques (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). Strategically, the company has built its brand around biking. The founder was biking when he had the idea for the brewery, and has smartly incorporated that throughout the brand (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). There best selling beer is labeled Fat Tire, and the fat tire bike is even the company’s logo (New Belgium Brewing, n.d.). Biking is an environmental mode of transportation

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898 words - 4 pages . “They are over one-fifth of the United States global warming pollutants.” (ucsusa)McHugh 2 Car pollution has many causes and its effects. The main causes of car pollution is because of people failing to carpool, combine errands into one trip, take more public transportation, or possibly even shop by phone. Easier ways can always be either walking or biking, but not everyone likes to do those things. So when more cars than are needed are driven

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1348 words - 5 pages Nutrition in Mountain Biking I. Waterworld 1. Muscles produce 30-100 times more heat while riding 2. Water doesn't supply calories, minerals, or vitamins A. But it is used for almost every body function B. 55-65% of body weight is water 3. When losing a quart of fluid heart beats 8 more times a minute 4. Before a long ride start hyperhydrating 1 day in advance 5. Do drinking strategies during your training II. Rehydrate 1. Drink alot

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1224 words - 5 pages view of his surroundings. All the things that he sees in Vietnam makes him nauseous. Andrew had courage to take on this biking trip. “It can’t end here. I must beg my way north, crawl if I have to. It seems not only cowardly but selfish and dishonest to quit now.”( 185). The whole tour required this kind of braveness to make this trip happen. During the trip, he reveals how the people survive in a poor country. He witnesses how selling to tourists