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The Hobbit is the story about Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who lives in Hobbiton. He enjoys a peaceful life in his elegant house, surrounded by beautiful surroundings. His life is suddenly interrupted when he’s sitting on a bench with his eyes closed, enjoying life. Bilbo opens his eyes and in front of him stands a tall bearded man, dressed in a grey coat and with a stick in his hand. It’s Gandalf who is looking for someone to share an adventure with. Before Bilbo even knows what kind of adventure he is talking about, Gandalf has invited himself to tea. Together with him, he’s accompanied by twelve dwarves led by their leader Thorin Oakenshield. They are going on an adventure to recover the dwarves lost treasure and reclaim their former home, which is guarded by the dragon Smaug. Gandalf has decided Bilbo will be an excellent addition to the team and play the role as burglar, due to his physical features. Even though Bilbo is very reductive to the idea, he can’t resist Gandalf’s determination and signs up for the journey a head.

As they start their journey, Bilbo has serious trust issues to the dwarves and concerns about what they will come upon. Bilbo and the dwarves encounter all kinds of enemies and obstacles which challenge their mental wellbeing and forces them to prepare themselves for every potential threat. Sometimes they end up in big trouble, but manage to save themselves due to Bilbo’s quick-witted mind and his stealthiness. On the journey, Gandalf lead their way to a place where they can take a rest. They walk through the lands of the elves and stay at the house of Elrond, an old friend of Gandalf. As they continue their journey they passes through a mountain and find a cave the group can spend the night in When everyone have fallen asleep, it turns out the cave is inhabited by evil goblins and the the group gets captured. Again, Bilbo’s cleverness saved the group of being killed.

Still wasn’t the danger over. The group encounter problems with spiders and later elves before they finally arrives at Smaug’s Mountain. Previously Bilbo had outwitted a creature by the name Gollum and gained a ring which makes him invisible. This ring comes out to be helpful against battling against the spiders and elves, and especially against the dragon Smaug. When the group arrives at the mountain, the dwarves...

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1519 words - 6 pages dress in bright colors, particularly red and yellow. Hobbits enjoy simple calm lives; never traveling too far away from their cozy, warm holes. They love eating and drinking (a lot), smoking their long brown pipes, and sitting around the fire sipping tea and talking. So as you can see Hobbits do not normally go on long and dangerous journeys.One beautiful spring morning while our Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins was smoking his pipe and blowing smoke rings

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2831 words - 12 pages . This is because to grow as a person you must leave what is safe and familiar and venture into the unknown to truly test yourself, and be able to return home with new knowledge and perspective.. This essay will focus on two characters who go through this transformation from leaving their ‘homes’; Bilbo and his hobbit hole in Bags-End, and Meggie and her father, Mo, and her beloved books. Both are attached to their ‘homes’, and feel anxious and

"The Transformation of Bilbo Baggins" Thoroughly describe Bilbo's growth as a leader,Tolkien's methods of characterization throughout the thematic journney.

1463 words - 6 pages reality-link is present in characters of The Hobbit, especially the protagonist, Bilbo Baggins. Tolkien used many methods of characterization to create his characters, namely physical description, mental process, and the description of characters' actions. Of the three, the link between reality and fantasy is strongest in the description of Bilbo's mentality and actions. The journey Bilbo and the company of Dwarves embark on is at once adventurous

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596 words - 2 pages The Hobbit Essay Mansoor NaqshbandiThe hero in any journey learns many lessons through the people he meets, and their response to the events. Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit" directed by Peter Jackson is no different. He is required to overcome many obstacles in his journey, and by doing so, he learns a valuable lesson. Bravery, thinking creatively, courage and the sense of belonging, these lessons is communicated to audience throughout the film by

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985 words - 4 pages THE HOBBIT BY J.R.R. TOLKIEN The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is a story of adventure and danger, and it is a prime example of a romantic plot and fantasy genre. What makes this story such a great example of a romantic plot? One, the unlikely hero, Mr. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit that is dragged on an adventure he doesn’t wish to take. Second, there is a great quest with a reward at its end. Third the great teacher figure, Gandalf is a wizard

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971 words - 4 pages A Believable HeroWhat is a hero? One commonly thinks of a man from another planet with super strength, speed, and vision, or perhaps an untouchable sports figure. But how often is a small, plump hobbit who enjoys the comforts of his home and a routine consisting of tea time and afternoon snacks considered a hero? In fact, even such a person is considered a hero, and Bilbo Baggins is this person. In The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein, Bilbo is nothing

The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, was a novel about manners. This essay helps define why manners was significant to the impact of the story.

520 words - 2 pages The Hobbit EssayIn J.R.R. Tolkien's novel, The Hobbit, manners is significant to the impact of the novel. The main character, Bilbo Baggins, did many things out of politeness, such as joining the dwarves' quest, performing tasks a burglar wasn't required to do, and not killing Gollum when he had the opportunity to. Bilbo's manners had great affect on the outcome of the novel.Firstly, Bilbo joined the dwarves in their quest for the stolen

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821 words - 3 pages Bilbo Baggins in the novel, The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, is a clever character. In the beginning of the tale, the dwarfs considered Bilbo as a worthless grocer rather than a burglar (Tolkien 18). Later on in their journey, the dwarfs gave Bilbo more respect because of the many times he saved them from the obstacles they faced. He is a hero, some might say. The first thing that anyone would think of when they hear the word "hero" is strength

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680 words - 3 pages The Hobbit The hobbit is a fantasy/adventure story. The author of the book is J. R. R. Tolkein. Houghton Mifflin published the book in 1937. There are 304 pages in the book. It takes place in the far past in Middle Earth.The main character is Bilbo Baggins. He is a hobbit. A hobbit is a small person who is inclined to be fat. They have sharp ears and eyes. They eat six meals a day, and they have hairy feet. Bilbo is about 50 years old with brown

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740 words - 3 pages Bilbo's JourneyBefore Bilbo Baggins meets Thorin, he was a tiny and modest creature living as an ordinary hobbit, in his average hobbit hole. Thorin, who plays the role of a guardian angel in this story, watches over Bilbo as he seeks to complete his journey . The series of events that Bilbo has to face on this journey will change his life forever! He might be at this moment a common hobbit, who is afraid of almost anything, but after his

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985 words - 4 pages Bilbo, a simple hobbit, is smoking his pipe one day when the wizard Gandalf appears and asks him to go on an adventure. He is confused and tells the wizard to come back the next day. The wizard does show up the next day, but only after thirteen dwarves have knocked at his door first. Bilbo is very frustrated by this, but he acts the part of the gracious host. The dwarves eat, speaking of their imminent journey to an old home beneath Lonely

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719 words - 3 pages The hobbitWhat does the novel's bravest character suggest about the nature of bravery ?Bravery means courageous behavior or character. In the novel, "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien, Bilbo is by far the most important and bravest character. However, Bilbo is not portrayed as a brave hero in the beginning. Rather, he is a timid, comfortable, and complacent homebody like all the other hobbits. As Thorin's group progresses in its quest for the

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1656 words - 7 pages Bard and the Elvenking further highlights Tolkien’s portrayal of a simple twentieth century Englishmen in a fantastical setting. Even though he risks his promised sum of the treasures, Bilbo chooses to work as a peacekeeper to opt for a more sensible way of solving a problem. Therefore, the dialogue between Bilbo, Bard, and the Elevenking is a manifestation by Tolkien of the moral high ground of hobbits and their sensible nature, which impresses the

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678 words - 3 pages In the Hobbit there are fourteen main characters as well as many other characters that help along the way. The characters are Gandalf the Wizard, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, Throrin Oakensheild, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Fili, Kili, Bombur, Bifur, Bofur, Dwalin, and Balin. Gandalf is a wizard that helps the dwarves in their various journeys. He knows more than he reveals to the dwarves and everyone else and he knows that the hobbit can help the

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967 words - 4 pages Everyone changes, especially in a different environment with different people. Bilbo Baggins is a good example. He changed from a timid, predictable hobbit to a clever, decisive, brave, loyal, responsible hobbit; he also gained a lot of confidence.His first change was when "something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go see The Great Mountains." It was then when he realized he wanted an adventure; he really did wanted to go see the