Bilingual In Spanish And English: A Distinguished Job Applicant

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¿Comprende lo que esto significa? If your answer to, “Do you understand what this means?” is “no,” then your résumé, similar to many other non-Spanish speaking Americans just became less competitive. In time of economic hardships where the United States has “an unemployment rate above 7.8 percent,” the ability to distinguish oneself in the job market is a non-negotiable (Scherer). With an exponential increase in the Latino populace, the American workforce has been impacted profoundly. While one may feel certain that the ability to speak English in America, in conjunction with one’s education and work experience, will suffice in distinguishing oneself in the job market, this essay will argue that an English speaking monoglot is far less marketable than one who is bilingual in English and in Spanish.
From a sales associate in Littlerock, Arkansas to a high profile attorney in Los Angeles, California, Americans can see a true necessity to learn Spanish, a language spoken by over 50 Million people throughout the nation, approximately 16% of the United States population (How). While English is indeed the United States’ official language, Spanish is the Nation’s second most spoken language. With such a high number of Spanish speaking inhabitants, the increasing Latino population is impacting the American workforce heavily.

It is known that many Latinos migrate to similar areas across the United States. Cities such as Los Angeles, New York City and Houston all have over one million Latino inhabitants within each city (New). Many of these Latinos are new immigrants to the United States and Spanish is their primary language. Because these Latinos live amongst many other Spanish speaking civilians, the need to learn the English language is not obligatory. In result, the Spanish language is set on a path far from diminishment. In fact, although curriculum is taught in English in the public school system, the Spanish speaking parents of these students usually feel more comfortable speaking their native tongue at home. This prompts the students to be taught both English and Spanish simultaneously at an early age, placing them at a social and eventually economical advantage against their monolingual peers.
As a potential employee, employers look at what differentiates one applicant from another. Possessing the ability to speak Spanish and English in the United States, a country where the Latino population is growing exponentially, creates a plethora of opportunities in the workforce. A critical benefit of being bilingual in this country is the breaking of the language barrier because “more than 71 percent of companies employ people whose native language is not English” (Vazquez). This current statistic is fairly high and is likely to increase with the increasing Latino populace. Being bilingual in Spanish and in English in the American workforce has many benefits that will help one snag a job over one who is monolingual in English. Speaking Spanish will...

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