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Bilingualism And It's Importance In Education

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With more refugees fleeing from their countries due to civil war & political reasons, travel times becoming less, far easily accessible communication and doors opening wider to international trade & finance the world seems like a much smaller place and more and more people are becoming intertwined with each other. Over the last 30 years, as a consequence of globilisation, Australia is changing and recognition of diverse cultural backgrounds is becoming a more important issue each day (Jones Diaz, 2006).It is as a result of this social diversity, that educators are facing the challenges today of many more children bringing their cultural, linguistic and religious values and beliefs ...view middle of the document...

He believed that different kinds of social interactions that occur in different cultures results in the development of different skills for instance, children acquire much of the content of their thinking, that is, their knowledge through their culture. Second, the surrounding culture provides a child with the processes or means of their thinking, To be brief, according to Vygotsky's socio-cultural model, culture teaches children both what to think and how to think, this theoretical consideration results in the importance of curriculum modifications, to ensure that all children learn what is necessary in order for them to succeed in education (Partington & McCudden).Curriculum modifications, as mentioned above should be taken into account to cater for different cultures, values and skills in which the children posses, things such as language, cognitive skills, community and family values so that all children are able to see the relevance that the curriculum has to their lives (Arthur, 2001).As it was stated by Every Child (2003) that the highest quality learning experiences occur when educators understand what the child's interest and previous experiences are. In addition, research described by Arthur (2001) indicates that curriculum effectiveness may be undermined when family cultural differences are not taken into account.However, making modifications to programs and curriculum may have time constraints on educators, especially if your program is planned on a regular basis. Some strategies to address this issue and ensure children feel valued are to learn about the children's culture and language, research important celebrated festive days and acknowledge and respect those days by teaching children how different cultures celebrate, and provide children with an understanding that not all cultures celebrate the same days, or if they do, the same way, however, this illustrates to all children that it is considered a special time in that culture. Furthermore, research relevant language dialects and teach children to say simply phrases like hello or good-bye in each of the languages represented in the school and incorporate this into the program, display these greetings and simple words around the room to familiarise the children with different language styles, invite parents into the school to read, sing songs and rhymes in their home language and English, this allows children to familiarise themselves with other languages. In addition, these strategies will benefit all children in the class as it introduces children to the linguistic diversity in their community. (Barnes, 2001)This being said, as pointed out in Patricia Sanagavaparu's lecture (2006), in order to implement these considerations it is necessary to establish relationships with families and children to understand their parental and child rearing practices, as Taylor (1999) states "The best family practice begins from a recognition that parents are a child's first and most...

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