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Bilingualism Should Not Be Continued Essay

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  Bilingualism, a very controversial topic to debate in today’s United States. People generally define bilingualism as the ability of using two languages that individuals have. However, this is not the reason why that bilingualism becomes such a debatable issue. In this case, bilingualism is defined as the government’s use of languages other than English for public services in order to support the immigrants’ lives in the United States. People who support bilingualism want the government to continue having this kind policies. They think that bilingualism helps immigrants to assimilate into the American culture and moreover, it will unify everyone who are on this land. Although bilingualism provides some kind of benefits toward immigrants, they cannot solve the problems in the deep root. Bilingualism should not be continued in the U.S. Why? It reduces the immigrants’ incentive to learn English, threatens national unity, and costs so much.
  James Fallows, a proponents of having bilingualism in the U.S. Fallows claim that there is no need to declare English as the official language in the U.S. “because it already is that” (263). Fallows argues that English is already the most powerful language in this world, and obviously the immigrants knew that fact. Therefore, bilingual services will not reduce the incentive of immigrants to learn English. However, his argument is not fully correct. From 2000 to 2010, over 9 million immigrants came to America (Camarota). Because of this huge population of immigrants, most of the immigrants merely formed communities within their own ethnic or linguistic groups. In their communities, they can live well by speaking their native languages. Furthermore, when they are facing public problems, they have the bilingual services that are provided for them from the government. Therefore, learning English would not be important to them. In other words, to the immigrants, there is no need to learn English. Bilingual services send the wrong message toward immigrants about learning English which reduces their incentive to learn English as well.
  Having their own communities and not learning English is not the end, it further leads to the un-unity of this nation. The supporters of bilingualism would argue that bilingual services actually contribute to the national unity. They think that immigrants would be more into American mainstream because of the bilingual services that are provided in all kind of public services such as voting ballots, government documents, and court proceedings. However, because of the different communities that immigrants formed within their ethnic groups, linguistic diverse occurs. Immigrants in different communities would not willing to communicate with each other since they speak different languages. This would not just happen among the immigrants’ communities, but also among the mainstream American and immigrants’ communities. A nation without unity will not be called a nation anymore. Linguistic...

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