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Bill Blakemore Essay

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From the first scene to the last, director and producer Stanley Kubrick, takes control of and masters all facets of the movie, especially the sound and audio effects. Director Stanley Kubrick uses audio effects to accentuate the plot. The audio effects are crucial to understanding the movies hidden meaning. He relies on the feelings and thoughts that he wants to be portrayed to come through the sounds that accompany the scenes and uses the audio to subtly convey information and emotions. Bill Blackmore’s critique of the use of sounds in “The Family of Man”, is mostly correct, with the exception of a few missed audio/ musical pieces that seem to have been overlooked that hold importance. ...view middle of the document...

Blakemore says: “we never hear the rushing blood. It is a mute nightmare.”, Blakemore is bringing to attention, that some of the most powerful scenes in the film are presented without audio, which in this case is more effective (Blakemore). The absence of audio in the waves of blood scene, is used to emphasize the visual impact of the scene and the bloodshed that people silently forget and as a moment of silence for the massacred.
Blakemore pinpoints that the credits at the end of the movie are accompanied by the sounds of a 1920’s audience talking, moving about, and applauding. These are the sounds that someone would expect to hear in the movie theater after viewing the The Shining (Blakemore). Mr. Blakemore is correct in his opinion that Stanley Kubrick did this because it tells the unaware audience that they, were, are the people that attended the Overlook Ball, and that the movie is about them (Blakemore).
The Overlook Ball took place on July 4th, 1921, a day that in the last few centuries has been placed in honor, prestige, and glory. July 4th was also the day some centuries ago that the American colonists declared themselves free of British tyranny, but cemented their power over the Native Americans. It is said in the movie that while constructing the Overlook hotel, that the builders had a few tussles with the Native Americans because the land was a Native American burial site (Blakemore). Blakemore believes that the movie, The Shining is not really about the murders that have occurred at the Overlook Hotel, but about the murder of the race of Native Americans and the consequences of that murder (Blakemore).
The movie infuses Native Americans through music, decor, and clothing. When Jack is throwing a ball at a wall towards the beginning of the movie, it sounds like the beat of that of a Native Americans drum. Blackmore fails to take this into account, this is one of the audio pieces that could fairly definitively support his statements. Much of the Hotels decor throughout the movie, on walls, floors, and works of art, are often sporting patterns and colors that signify Native Americans and add to the audio experience. One such pattern was the one on the wall that Jack was bouncing a ball off. Throwing the ball at the wall...

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