Bill Clinton And Richard Nixon's Legacies: How Will History Remember Them?

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Clinton PaperI asked my grandma questions about Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton first. She did not want to be interviewed because she said she really did not have any opinions on either of them.It was much harder to get anything out of her during this interview than with the Kennedy interview. Grandma said that both were smart people and good presidents and all that. She was glad Nixon was pardoned for his crimes and that he went unpunished, unlike his many partners in crime who found themselves behind bars. She thought maybe he should have been a gentleman and admitted his faults to the public instead of denying it like he did. She also felt that an apology would have been appropriate as well. His ingratitude towards the president that pardoned him was very rude and unacceptable she said. But its too late for any of that so oh well. Clinton was guilty of lesser crimes and most of all that was none of our business. I mentioned Whitewater and how many involved were imprisoned except Clinton, she still thought it was none of our business, but that maybe he should have at least been censured or something. She was glad not have to hear much about Clinton anymore since he is no longer in office. She had gotten tired of hearing about the scandal especially since she had felt it was no one's business but Hillary's and since she did not seem to care why should we?She felt that most of the Presidents were involved in some sort of criminal activities at some point in there careers and that almost all of them were woman chasers but some of them were smart enough to be discreet about it. History seems to have treated Nixon well she guessed but they always seem to focus on his misdeeds instead of his accomplishments and she decided that Clinton will probably be remembered the same way.Grandpa was really uninterested in this topic of discussion, I was interrupting a good read and an Olympic Hockey game between the Americans and the Canadians (which we lost). Since I was interrupting I did not get many long answers which was disappointing because he had a lot to say on Kennedy paper. He agreed with my Grandmother pretty much though his answers were of course much shorter. He definitely agreed with Grandma's sentiment about the media being busybodies who did not know how to mind their own business. He said that we should not care about anything that does not affect our nation adversely. He could not see any consequences of their actions so he thought we really should not care one way or the other. They are the Presidents, they represent our country and should be respected even if they do something illegal he said. There are always going to be double standards so get over it. I did not think that was very nice but I guess it's the truth I told him. I asked if he thought Clinton should have had to resign like Nixon and he said Nixon should not have had to resign and that Clinton should not be punished for his mistakes . He felt that Nixon was remembered as a smart...

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