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Bill Cosby: A Black Perspective On Black Society Today

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Ghettos, low-riders, hip-hop, rap, drugs and crime, it has got to be a Black man right? Saggy pants, unintelligible language, lazy, and the lists continue to both stereotype and describe Blacks. Do Black Americans perpetuate their own discrimination? Are Black Americans creating their own low status in society? Black people around the world have been hypnotized into believing all their failures in life are due to discrimination, but are they correct? Blacks are often their own worst enemies, often the cause of their own disasters, and many don’t see that until it’s too late, if ever. Discrimination and prejudice are imposed upon Blacks, often because the culture they live in is not ...view middle of the document...

Cosby is talking about overall respect for themselves, their family and culture, not assimilation into the dominant white culture. Cosby is saying that Blacks have forgotten what the slaves and other Blacks worked for and now accept the stereotypes given to them by continuing to use poor language, be disrespectful to their family and society, and assert violence into their communities.
Prejudice, the negative attitude toward an entire category of people, leads to discrimination. Discrimination is the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups often because of prejudice. Cosby’s perspective can be considered prejudiced but is not discriminatory. Bill Cosby does not want to deny the Black race anything, but is trying to alert the Black race that they have created their own self-fulfilling prophecy. Cosby can be considered to be prejudiced because he is grouping the entire black society based upon individual choices. Not every Black disrespects, uses poor language, or denies himself the opportunities presented to him. Not every Black has the...

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