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A Brief Biography Of Bill Gates

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William Henry Gates III was born in 1955 in Seattle, Washington U.S.A. He was a middle kid and was the only boy besides his father, in his family. He is more commonly known as Bill Gates.

When he was in sixth grade, he wasn’t performing well in school, so his parents sent him to counseling. Gates thought his counselor was cool. He let him read books after each session. He got really into psychological theory.

Bill Gates also loved being challenged. “ As a student, I took notes with either hand, using my right hand when I was bored and wanted a small challenge.” One time, when he was at his church’s confirmation class, he was told to memorize the Sermon on the Mount. All the other kids struggled through the passage but Bill impressed his teacher by memorizing the whole thing on a car trip just because he wanted a challenge.

Gates was a master of business very early in life. He negotiated a contract with his sister to use her baseball glove whenever he wanted. He paid $5 dollars for the right and required his sister to sign a contract. Little did he know, this skill would make him a billionaire by age 31 and become the wealthiest american by age 38.
Gates was a congressional page in the summer of 1972. He and a friend bought 5,000 George S. McGovern- Thomas Eagleton campaign buttons for 5 cents each. After the campaign was over, the buttons became collectable and Gates and his friend sold the buttons for up to $25 dollars each.
Work and Contribution
Bill Gates invented Microsoft. Microsoft is a computer program thats is universally known and used on almost every computer in the world. In fact, about 90% of the world uses Microsoft on their computers. Bill Gates and some of his partners nearly changed computers forever. Bill Gates changed the world by making a super fast computer program for people.

It all started at Lakeside School. In 1967, the Lakeside Mother’s Club installed a computer terminal with hourly charges connected to a General Electric Mark II computer somewhere else. Gates and his dad soon became hooked with the gadget. He and his friends would even miss class to hang out in the computer room, and by eighth grade, he was making money programing computers. Almost a dozen Lakeside students became programing pioneers. Gates was a self-teaching kind of kid and by age 13, he had taught himself computer programing.

The Lakeside programmers or Students Club was formed for Gates and some other kids with the same passion of his. Gates was kicked out of the club because he was two years younger and was thought to be immature. The club let him back in because they couldn't do without him. Gates was in charge of the projects after that. The kids were on the computer so much that they racked up huge amounts of hourly charges and the device had to go.

Soon, however, a mother came up with something great. The Computer Center Corporation or C-Cubed office would let the club have free time on the computer if they searched for...

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