Bill Gates: A Catalyst For Change

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Bill Gates teaches us this important lesson throughout his life. He was an innovator from the start and in his later life, he made a very successful company known as Microsoft. He was important because he changed computers by creating Microsoft. Bill Gates was a catalyst for change who contributed to help make America and the world great.
Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. His father was William Henry Gates II and he was an attorney. His mother was Mary Gates and she was a schoolteacher. His parents played an important role in his life. They helped him become educated and encouraged him to do good in school.
When Bill Gates was a child, he read many books in his free time like encyclopedias. When he turned thirteen, he went to a private school called Seattle’s Lakeside School. When he went there, he got good grades and showed an interest in computer programming. He also met a lifelong friend: Paul Allen. They were not very alike but they spent most of their free time together. They did many things together including getting into trouble. They were both suspended for using computer glitches they knew of to get free computer time. When he was tested with the college SAT test, he made a 1590 out of 1600. Presently, Bill Gates is a fifty-eight year old man with grey hair and glasses.
During Bill Gates life, many political events occurred. When he was about thirty one years old, Ronald Reagan was president and George Bush was vice president. Also, the space shuttle known as Challenger exploded. During Bill Gates life, many religions were popular. The most popular was Christianity. However, Bill Gates is an atheist and believes that religions can be helpful, but that he has better things to do.
Many important events happened when Bill Gates was about thirty one years old. A vaccine for Hepatitis B was found and was passed by the Food and Drug Administrations. The Voyager 2 flied to Uranus and got many pictures. Oprah Winfrey became popular and appeared on nation television. Nintendo made its first video games in the United States. Barry Diller created the fourth television network known as Fox. There was a nuclear accident in Russia and The United States attacked Libyan terrorists. The state of the economy was also good. The U.S. GDP was ...

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