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Bill Gates Personal Development Essay

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There is no disputing that Bill Gates is one of America's most accomplished entrepreneurs. His company, Microsoft, continues to both revolutionize and dominate the computer industry. Like a star athlete, Bill Gates is one of the largest business celebrities known. What is it that possessed this one man to pioneer a business empire, and establish himself as one of the world's wealthiest individuals? By first understanding the personal development and background and then applying the behaviorism and humanistic psychological perspectives to Bill Gates, we are able to identify some of the key elements that explain why he is able to make achievements in the business world that most cannot. The leadership skills he has shown have helped him pursue his dream of success.Behavioral Psychology is interested in how our behavior results from the stimuli both in the environment and within ourselves. They study, often in minute detail, the behaviors we exhibit while controlling for as many other variables as possible. Often a grueling process, but results have helped us learn a great deal about our behaviors, the effect our environment has on us, how we learn new behaviors, and what motivates us to change or remain the same (, 2007). Bill gates used this theory when taking risks in the business world. His environment and stimuli within himself made him a risk taker and a smart one at that.B.F. Skinner believed that a person was the way he or she was because of external events, and that we act the way we do because we will be rewarded to do so. Bill Gates believed in taking risks because of the rewards of those risks. Rewards so big, even the highest of risks were a good idea regarding his business.Innovation requires the ability to embrace reality; to see what is as it is, no matter how distasteful or disruptive (Gates, 2004). It is only by embracing reality that companies can accurately perceive their options and make necessary adaptations to their business models. Today, there is no business without risk. It is only by having the capacity to wisely assess risks that survival can be assured. This savvy risk taking supports a culture of innovation (Gates, 2004).Innovation can also allow an organization to change its reality to something more favorable. Introduction of innovative products and processes can often place competitors on the defensive, can fundamentally alter the customer's perception of value, or stimulate a demand for something, which, until that point, had been unattainable. A culture of innovation encourages the taking of reasonable risks to gain competitive advantage by making risk taking something that is an integral part of what we do here. Innovation and risk taking is what Bill Gates and his leadership in the business world is all about.Reviewing the literature on leadership reveals several styles, with one achieving the greatest success. This is the "charismatic leader." These leaders tend to have energy and determination that...

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