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A leader is someone that you can look up to, someone who has a conglomerate of attributes that motivate people to follow them. There are many reasons why you can find someone amusing, intriguing or interesting but the conglomerate of actions performed by them is what makes them stand over others. A global leader is someone who has transcends the geographical limits with their contributions not only to their field but to humanity as well. In this essay I will briefly discussed the attributes of the global leader I selected, his visions and his contributions to mankind.

The global leader I have selected has so many qualities that words are not enough to describe his success and his effect in the way we live and see life. His name is William Henry Gate III or as we all know him as Bill Gates. William Henry Gate III was born in Seattle on 1955 and was raised in a wealthy family. His father was a successful attorney and his mother was a top executive at a national bank. This upbringing gave him the opportunity to study in the most prestige school on his state where he discovered his love for computers.
The beginning
While Bill Gates was at junior high a group of parents raise money to purchase the first computerized terminal in the school. When that happened he decided to take all his time to work on that system teaming with other students to learn about different operating systems. He excelled in his learning of systems and he started developing ideas to make business with companies in order to learn how they make their terminals. His mind for business bright since a very early age(14 y/o) when he earn an income over $20,000 (over $150,000.00 present value). Mr. Gates continue his education in Harvard Law where he was admitted with a SAT score 1590 (over 99.65%) but on his second year he left all behind to pursue his vision.
Bill Gates is one of the most visionary leaders of our time. He created in his mind the idea of the greatness of computerized systems and that vision even though far at that time transformed in our present. He foresaw that computers will be an essential part not only in future business but in the lives of Americans. His efforts and strategic planning delivered him the opportunities to develop different operating systems including Windows. Windows Software has been an essential key in his financial success because this software took the market by storm providing customers the opportunity to multitask and leave behind the systems that were operated only on a command based entry. His revenues after the expansion of his company has made him been ranked by Forbes as the richest man on earth for the last thirteen years. During the years he served as chairman of...

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