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Bill Gates: The Real Most Interesting Man In The World

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While pondering the correlation between intelligence and success, a list of successful people deserve recognition. Only one person, however, can be the wealthiest individual in the United States of America. That individual is none other than William Henry “Bill” Gates III (Khan, “Gates, Bill 1955-“). Gates, a prosperous entrepreneur and technology mogul, has demonstrated both practical and IQ intelligence through both his experiences and successes in life. Gates’ upbringing and childhood accomplishments along with his professional achievements and fierce personality all contribute to his outlier status in American society.
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Gates’ status as an outlier in American society is largely attributed to his professional successes with Microsoft. In 1978, Gates moved the company to Seattle, Washington, and in 1980, Microsoft and Gates hit the jackpot. IBM had just entered the market in 1980 and sought Microsoft’s expertise in developing an operating system for its new personal computer. Microsoft agreed to the deal, despite having no current program that fulfilled the needs of IBM. Microsoft, however, bought the operating system from Seattle Computer Products and renamed it MS-DOS (Puthawala, “Microsoft Corporation”). This transaction ensured the successes of both IBM and Microsoft because of the groundbreaking precedent the deal set. These two companies had now set the bar for personal computers, and it would take years for a company to pose a legitimate threat. Microsoft’s value exploded throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, with firm value reaching a robust $546 billion in 1999. Microsoft has since faced obstacles, with the largest one being in the form of an antitrust suit in 2000. In the lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson determined that Microsoft was a monopoly and demanded that the company be split in two (Puthawala, “Microsoft Corporation”). Gates was unfazed and continued to thrive in both life and business. Gates had acquired a practical intelligence early on in life that allowed him to think creatively and on his feet. His entitlement to success, derived from his parents through his upbringing, kept him on track and helped him overcome one of the largest acts of antitrust litigation in American history.
Finally, Gates’ personality plays a key role in making him an outlier. Even one of Gates’ main critics, cultural historian Jackson Lears, claims that, “The vendor of virtual reality, Gates is the perfect business hero for a postmodern era” (Grote, “Gates, Bill”). His entitlement to success is unparalleled as he credits the success of Microsoft and all of the software industry to his “foresight and vision regarding personal computing”...

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