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Billionaire Boy Essay

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Joe Spud is the richest twelve years old in the world. Joe could have anything he wanted. He could have his own formula one car or a million pairs of Nike trainers.
All Joe ever wanted was a friend. His dad moves him to a private school, because he used to get bullied at his previous school.
His father work at a billionaire company called “Bumfresh” they make long lasting toilet paper. But later on his company takes a twist for the worst…..

Joe Spud has a mop of and curly hair and he is corpulent boy. He is almost identical to a beer bellied dwarf. My opinion is that he acts very secretively. I think this because he hid that he was rich for so long, eventually his dad blew it by coming into his school on a jet, afterwards people tormented him all sorts of names ,I think the worst one was, “Bumboy!”
Bob is almost an exact replica of Joe, but Bob has blonde and curly hair, whereas Joe has brown and curly hair. Bob hair ...view middle of the document...

My opinion of dad is that he is a self-obsessed and unwise as he flings his money around stupidly.

Joe’s house has an uncountable number of bedrooms and a garden that is larger than Buckingham Palace, on the immense garden was a formula one car.
The school is a substandard private school which has a small playground and a second-rate cafeteria with a lunch lady that needs hip replacement.

He uses third person narrative very well. I believe that this works because he excels in talking to the reader and actually engaging us, which you wouldn’t be able to do to the same affect in 1st person narrative. He uses this a lot in a variety of his books but the book I feel he used it best in is probably “Gansta Granny.”

This book is a comedy book. I think that the author has a great sense of humour, but sometimes he may go overboard with his jokes, because in this book he used inappropriate language.

This book is excellent, also extremely funny and I admit that I had to dry my eyes a couple of times. I think that sometimes this book takes a while to explain its jokes. I believe this because there was a whole five pages designated to the repulsive school lunch.

David Edward Williams known as David Walliams (born 20 August 1971) is a British comedian, actor, author and television presenter, well known for his partnership with Matt Lucas on the BBC One sketch show Little Britain. Walliams and Lucas starred in a show called “Come Fly with me.”
He has written and starred in the BBC One sitcom Big School, playing Chemistry teacher Keith Church, since August 2013.
David has been a judge on the ITV talent show Britain's Got Talent. He compered the 2012 Royal Variety Performance.
Walliams has written six children's books The Boy in the Dress (2008), Mr Stink (2009), Billionaire Boy (2010), Gangsta Granny (2011), Ratburger (2012), and Demon Dentist (2013). His second book Mr Stink was made into a 60 minute film, starring Hugh Bonneville, Sheridan Smith and Johnny Vegas. The film premiered on BBC One on 23 December 2012 and was watched by 6.34 million viewers. His fourth book Gangsta Granny is to be made into a 60 minute film, for BBC One. It will premiere in December 2013.

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