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Billy Bishop And Canadian Nationalism Essay

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Nationalism is defined as love of your country. The basis for Canada’s national love of country is focused around three main ideas; devotion, sacrifice and willingness to die. These characteristics are displayed in the play Billy Bishop Goes to War. Thousands of young men were shipped off to war with these three great qualities. Billy Bishop was among those thousands and was an outstanding World War One pilot who displayed the three key qualities that our national love is based upon throughout the play. Being willing to do anything to protect our country and its freedom is nationalism.
Mr. Billy Bishop was an ace World War One pilot who was extremely devoted to being a pilot. Billy was a man who was loyal and courageous. The young, gentle, Canadian man was devoted to what he did, Bishop would practice flying and shooting all the time. “You’ve got to be good enough to get him in the first few bursts, so practice your shooting as much as you can. After patrols between patrols, on your day off. If I get a clear shot at a guy, he’s dead.” (Pg. 69) Billy was a role model for his devotion to his practice of flying and shooting, the pilot was outstanding and will forever be a hero to our country. Devotion is a characteristic for survival and Billy Bishop had it.
When Billy Bishop left for war it was one of the biggest sacrifices that the great pilot ever made in his life. War forced Mr. Bishop to leave the comfort of his home, family, friends, lover and life behind. The World War One Canadian hero sacrificed everything when he went to war, Bishop went for the love of his great country. Billy left behind his future wife, Margaret, which was a huge sacrifice when you read Bishop’s letters to Margaret, “Thinking of you constantly” (Pg. 25,30,43 and 73) was repeated on almost every letter Billy wrote. Bishop made the choice to leave...

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