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Billy Budd (Play) Essay

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There is much to be said about innocence. If one is withinnocence than one can do no wrong. But that is not all to be said.Innocence is not always a good thing. It could make one naive or blindto certain evils. Like in the case of Billy Budd. Billy was innocentfrom evil and therefore could not see the evil of John Claggartapproaching him, out to destroy him. It is known Billy's innocence washis down fall by hiding the true evil from his eyes. But why was JohnClaggart out to destroy Billy?. There are several reasons why JohnClaggart attempts to destroy Billy Budd.John Claggart wants to destroy Billy because he is extremely waryof Billy's intentions. He has come to believe that Billy is planning amutiny and wants to take over the ship. Claggart reports this tocaptain Vere saying," During today's chase and possible encounter Ihad seen enough to convince him that at least one sailor aboard wasdangerous." Meaning that he felt Billy was against them. Claggart feltthat Billy's big plan was to get in favor of all the men on the shipand then turn them against the captain. Captain Vere responds byhaving Billy and Claggart meet in private where Claggart can openlyaccuse Billy of this crime. Fortunately, Claggarts attempt to destroyBilly for mutiny fails because he is struck down by Billy in one blow,ending the matter, but opening a much more serious one.Claggart is also seen as attempting to destroy Billy due to hisevil nature in general. Nothing depicts Claggart's evil nature betterthan the way he looks. His cleanly chiseled chin and cunning violeteyes that can cut lesser sailors with an evil glare. His pale yellowskin and jet black curly hair; they all contrast his character. He isout to destroy Billy because of the conezt struggle of good andevil. Billy is innocent and cannot comprehend evil therefore makinghim good. People calling...

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