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Billy Elliot Stephen Daldry Although Billy Elliot Is An Entertaining Film, It Has Little Depth And Nothing To Teach Us. Discuss.

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Billy Elliot was an entertaining film, but it also has a lot of depth and things to tech us. Such as thing about you dreams.Billy's family struggles throughout the movie in many different ways. The most obvious being, their struggle to survive due to there poverty. Jackie and Tony are both out of work because of the Miners strike. Jackie barely has enough money to buy adequate food for the family, when he goes to buy food another man is there who is not striking and he has plenty of food. Every day Tony and Jackie go to the picket lines to protest. When the buses drive past taking the miners to work they began to shout and throw things at the buses. Tony and Jackie struggle to understand why these people are still working, but much later in the movie he understands why some people have to work. Jackie pays for Billy to go to boxing class every week, but soon Billy uses the money for Ballet class. This is Billy's struggle first admitting to himself that he like dancing and then telling his family. At the start of the film Billy has to return keys to the dance teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. Immediately he is intrigued by the girls dancing so he joins the class. Straight away you notice Billy is natural at it. At the end of the class when he is walking, home Mrs. Wilkinson approaches Billy in her car and asks if he will be attending the next lesson. He is still unsure within himself if he wants to do ballet. Billy goes to the next class and like dancing more and more; he finally commits himself when he steals a book about dancing that he wasn't aloud to hire out. So then the struggle began to hide it from his father. This goes on for a while until the piano player in the ballet class tells Jackie that Billy is doing ballet. Jackie doesn't believe him and goes to see for himself, he barges into the dance class and grabs Billy. Billy feels that he hasn't done anything wrong and try's to tell his father but Jackie won't listen. Struggle is a very obvious theme in the movie but different types of struggle can be seen by different age groups. A younger teen would see the struggle for money and the strike, but and older age group also sees Billy's struggle within himself. This is good because different age groups can connect to the movie at different levels.Class is an evident theme in Billy Elliot. Throughout the movie we see three different classes. The working class, Middle class and Upper class. The Elliot's are apart of the working class. They live in a small house with not much room, and not very good living conditions so Billy has to share a room with Tony. The house is located in the poorer area of the town. It's a very dank and unhappy place to be living in. All of the houses look similar as do the streets. There is barely any colour, everything is grey. The first time we see the Middle class is when Billy goes to Jenny's house. There house is in a nice street with space in-between each house and inside there is more room, with nicer furniture. To keep...

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