Billy Graham's Life And Accomplishments Essay

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“When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” Billy Graham was that person, when he stood up and spoke, people sat still and listened. Billy Graham is one of the greatest evangelists who ever lived and he has impacted millions with a simple message of God’s truth.
Billy was born to William and Morrow Graham on November 7, 1918, in Charlotte, North Carolina (“Billy Graham” 1). He was born on a dairy farm, in a little white house (Graham 3). Billy was born into a loving family. His parents were loving, but had different religious views than him (“Billy Graham” 1). Billy grew up to be a Baptist even though he did not live in a Baptist home while he was growing up.
Billy was the oldest of four Graham children (“Billy Graham” 1). Since Billy was the oldest, he was always in charge if his parents were gone. Billy’s sibling right under him was his sister Catherine (Graham 4). He also had a younger brother named Melvin (Graham 9). Billy’s youngest sibling was Jean, who was born a little before he went off to college (Graham 21). Billy, as the oldest in the family, was a role model for his younger siblings.
Billy was trying to be a role model, but he didn’t have the greatest role model. Billy’s grandfather William Crook, who he was named after, wasn’t the greatest influence. He was a heavy drinker and cussed like a sailor. Those were two things Graham didn’t want to show his younger siblings (Graham 3). During his childhood, his father and his Uncle Clyde ran the dairy farm his family lived on (Graham 6). Billy was a young boy when he started helping around the farm (Graham 9). Billy learned that one of the things he needed to show his younger siblings was that hard work and dedication paid off. Billy’s parents taught him discipline and obedience, both of which would help him become a better man.
Billy loved listening to the mysterious sounds that came on the radio when he was a kid (Graham 6). He didn’t know that one day he would be on that radio. During high school, Billy’s favorite pass time was baseball. He would play with some of his friends, even though he wasn’t that good (Graham 20). Billy had started going to this youth service around his sophomore year of high school. During his junior year of high school, he realized he was a sinner and needed God (“Billy Graham” 1). This would change his life forever.
The fall after he graduated from high school, he headed off to college. He started off at Bob Jones University in Tennessee. The school was good but very strict, and he didn’t like it, so he left (Martin 2). After that, he followed a close friend to Florida Bible Institute, where he stayed until the end of his freshman year of college. At Florida, he received a bachelor’s degree in theology. Graham, after graduating from Florida, then attended Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He graduated from Wheaton with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology (“Billy Graham” 1).
While Billy was attending...

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