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“Hey! Hey there! Get in my car, Kid! I’m going to eat you!” Screams of murder and despair fill the background. The van drives off, and the boy is never seen again.
The next morning, in Billy’s homeless shelter, kids yell, the alarm clock pounds on Billy’s brain. He rolls out of bed and lets out a morning groan, and gets ready for school. He washes the blood off his shirt before he leaves for high school in Indianapolis.
As he steps outside he smells the morning dew and thinks about what a great day it’s going to be. The bus comes, he steps on only to hear horrible things about him. Kids tease him and hit him but he never notices. Billy has an undiagnosed condition that makes him almost ...view middle of the document...

” He gave up all hope in his life at that point. He didn’t talk to his parents after that and went into a deep depression because he realized how poor he really was. One night his parents got money from working overtime. They went out for Ice Cream and got a Choco fudge ice cream. He loved his parents again, he hugged and kissed them and had a great night.
They were walking home from the Ice-cream parlor, and both of his parents got stabbed by a mugger. He called the ambulance and they picked them up. When the ambulance picked up his parents he hid and cried. He didn’t know what to do so he begin just walking, and walk and walked and walked and walked till he couldn’t walk any more. He stumbled into a nuclear waste area. He was sleepy and fell asleep near the green goo. When he woke up he felt different, much different.
Over the next few years he grew a lot quicker than the other kids. When he stopped growing he was 9 foot 2 inches and his teeth became as sharp as razors. And his hunger could only be satisfied with human flesh. He tried to fight it but it just seemed to control him when he got hungry and he went into a rage mode.
After a while Billy began to hurt people that he liked and this made him sad. He decided that he must leave Indianapolis. So one day he decided to run off, he went into the woods for several years and settled his hankering for flesh with the meat of animals he caught in the wilderness. Billy earned money by selling hides from his trapping and hunting adventures.
He stayed in the woods for several years and survived on animals he killed in the forest, and made money by selling their hides. One day he went to the grocery store and saw something interesting. Billy saw an army recruiting station. He approached the stand and they said he would be perfect for the army, and they said, “Welcome to the army son”. He didn’t know what to do so he just stayed there until it closed.
Then Billy was shipped off to boot camp for basic training and he shocked...

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