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Bim Model For Fire Safety Essay

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Although BIM technology is relatively new in the market as compared to other related technologies, the extent to which its knowledge is known in the market is delightful. This comparative analysis investigates the extent to which respondents know about BIM technology and the related benefits inherent to this technology. The analysis compares with the previously investigated case study on NIKA Architects + Engineers.
Comparative Analysis: BIM System for Fire Safety
The first question that the respondents were required to respond to was one that demanded to know whether they knew Building Information Modelling system for fire safety. Apparently, all respondents were well aware of ...view middle of the document...

Its utilization of graphics and virtual reality in exploring a structure prior to its development makes it easier to understand architectural and engineering designs. Respondents who have had a chance to interact with traditional designs and BIM system notice huge differences in interpreting the information. BIM system makes it easier to interpret and visualise the structure unlike conventional designs that use a multiplicity of lines and complex virtual spaces. Conversely, those against BIM system may have only heard but never interacted with the system due to selective domains of application.
The third question sought to know whether respondents perceived the system benefited the owner. Absurdly, only three quarters of the respondents say the owner benefiting from this system. This might be explained by the ideation that fire safety is treated as an extraneous faction in construction rather than an intricate subset in design and construction. Those that appal this system see its utilization as an unnecessary expense due to high cost of implementation. Contrariwise, those in support of BIM system’s benefit to the owner have seen the efficiency level inherent to this system including cost cutting strategies.
There is a general agreement on the applicability of BIM technology on a global scale. BIM technology collects design data and stores it in decentralised servers for support to various players’ shows how this system is being applied globally.
The importance of BIM system on big building constructors seems to receive mixed responses from respondents. Only 62.5 % think that this technology is important for big building contractors possibly due to the success of previously constructed big buildings without this technology. It would appear that the knowledge these respondents have on BIM system is flawed to the extent that they do not have an in depth understanding of its benefits and scope of application. This information is consistent with the 18.75 %...

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