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From the observation of the data indicated in the fig16.0, it could be said that the key challenge for the specialty contractors to implement this technology is to create proper awareness of BIM, increasing technology expertise. Field Technicians, designers, engineers and architects must be offered with competitive pay if they have the knowledge of BIM. Some organizations do not adopt BIM because the requirement for using the advance technology is very less; the operations for such organization go smoothly without the requirement of BIM. Once the contractors start adopting BIM the major barrier standing in front of them is to find proper personnel when BIM is being implemented it is becoming tough task for the Specialty contractors to assemble all of the players t together because with out proper communication and data exchange it would be a tough task for project to achieve the success factor.

Fig 16: Barriers in BIM adoption [Source: Survey results from free online survey]

From the responses received by various specialty contractors it implies that the adoption of BIM technology is growing rapidly with time and it has become a crucial technology for the specialty contractors. Most of the companies are using BIM in the designing and construction phases, because BIM technology is successfully helping designers and field engineers to avoid field conflicts, which in turn resulting in less contingency and all of these factors leading to increase in productivity. Which is saving lot of dollars to the specialty contractors; especially most of the specialty contractors think after implementing BIM in their company they were successful in eliminating rework. Some of the other specialty contractor’s plan of adopting BIM in future once the studies were clearer of the profit margin in comparison with the projects that did not use BIM. While others will not implement because of the initial costs involved in implementing the technology, most of the specialty...

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