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Investigation of a Serial Killer: The BTK Killer
Tiara Dusenbury
Pace University
Starting in the year 1971 a 30-year hunt ensued for what was known as the Wichita serial killer, Dennis Rader. Dennis Rader along the hunt named himself the BTK killer, standing for Bind, Torture and Kill. Through the use of the investigative process and mistakes made made by Mr. Rader he later was apprehended. Within the paper we will take a deeper look at the process that comes along with catching a criminal and how the persistence of the criminal justice department can lead to an arrest.
Investigation of a Serial Killer: The BTK Killer
Dennis Rader
The mind of a criminal is a serious and dangerous tool. The reasons to why criminals do what they do is beyond reason for most. However, through detailed steps of analysis from the criminal justice system through the use of fingerprints, behavioral analysis and collecting of other evidence they are brought to justice. One man felt he could allude that inevitable end which he did for about 30 years, but in the end he was captured. This man was known as Dennis Rader, the famous Wichita Serial aka the BTK (Bind, Kill, Torture) Killer. Dennis Rader was born around 1945 in Pittsburgh, Kansas. (Max, 2006) From a young age people found him “different” he used to hang his stray cats found around the neighborhood. Which is a characteristic of serial killers, according to former FBI Special Agent Rober Ressler.
The Beginning of a Killer
Dennis Rader lived a normal life up until his first killings he enlisted in the Air Force, got married and started working for a security company where he installed alarm systems, gaining him prestige at his company for his work. Within that same year around 1974 he committed his first crime, he murdered the Otero Family in their home; he murdered the husband wife and two kids by strangulation and collected souvenirs from their homes, which he would continue to do for all murders. (Max, 2006) After that first killing he would go on to kill more than 10 families over a 30-year period, even seeking sexual satisfaction from many, and he quotes “I could not receive sexual satisfaction without binding, torturing and killing other human beings” (Criminal investigation, 2011) The way he carried out his crime would lead him to the name the BTK killer. According to an exclusive interview done by dateline NBC, Rader had a process for when he selected his victims, and the way he carried it out was to hi fulfilling a fantasy. Rader described his victims as “projects”, he would start by stalking them, saying he would “research them, call them, and find out where they lived.” (Dateline NBC, 2013) Some of his victims did survive and were able to give description of Dennis Rader. After 3 murders of an 18-year time period, Dennis wanted to be known for his criminal acts. He began writing letters and leaving them in public libraries, in which is describes his...

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