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It's just another Friday night, but this time it's the guy's night out. What do many teenage boys have on their mind? They want to go cruising down the highway at 80 miles per hour with the windows down. Find some beer, and some women that they can get drunk, have sex with and have something to tell about the next day. The sad thing is, that most of the time it is true. A survey was taken in Nebraska in September of 1995, which said 25.7% of adolescents aged 18 and younger said, they have used alcohol before having sex. That is just in Nebraska alone (Courtney, 288, 1995). It is also said that Fraternity and Sorority members drink more and drink more frequently than their peers and accept as normal high levels of alcohol consumption and associated problems. Fraternity-sponsored parties also may encourage heavy drinking. Studies have found that students who consider parties or athletics important and those who drink to get drunk appear most likely to binge drink or to drink heavily (Shalala, 1, 1995).Although alcohol use by adolescents is frequent, alcoholism is very rare. Still, alcohol consumption by adolescents hinders normal development. Alcohol intake by children can result in learning impairment, hyperactivity, and personality and behavior problems, because today's society has accepted the casual use of alcohol (Effects, 1996, 1). Among men, research suggests that greater alcohol use is related to greater sexual aggression (Shalala, 1995, 2). Students living on campuses with higher proportions of binge drinkers experience more incidents of assault and unwanted sexual advances because of their peers' drinking than do students residing on campuses with lower proportions of binge drinkers (Shalala, 1995, 2). Some campuses sponsor alcohol awareness events and classroom lectures and distribute information about alcohol use. Although such education programs raise students' awareness of issues surrounding alcohol use, these programs appear to have minimal effect on drinking and on the rates of alcohol problems.According to Donna E. Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services at The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it seems that binge drinkers appear to engage in more unplanned sexual activity and to abandon safe sex techniques more often than students who do not binge drink (Shalala, 1995, 2). The purpose of this paper will prove whether or not Ms. Shalala is right or wrong.The first study was done in 1992. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship of alcohol use to unsafe sex in Latinas. The study was conducted using telephone interviews. The interviews were conducted with 523 currently sexually active Latinas aged 18-49 years old. The telephone survey employed a modified Mitofsky-Waksberg sampling technique to identify...

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639 words - 3 pages students that drink only have 1-2 drinks in the 2-hour “binge-drinking” time period and 76.5 % of CCNY students that drink wait until the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) to drink. 35% of students surveyed do not drink any alcohol. Compared to other campuses where 2 out every 5 students binge drink less than 1 out 5 CCNY students binge drink. However, 41% of CCNY students surveyed are more prone to drink because their friends are drinking with 32

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2164 words - 9 pages Binge Drinking on America's Campuses On any Friday or Saturday night, the average college student is usually drinking, dancing and out having fun. They typically party with friends at fraternity parties, bars, and clubs; and unfortunately most of these students are underage, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or 'Binge Drinking'. Binge drinking results in several detrimental outcomes, some are even fatal. Today this type of drinking is

Binge Drinking

2211 words - 9 pages Abstract:This paper will discuss 'binge drinking' in University Students, the major influences, both social and personal, on the frequency and quantity of drinking. The point of binge drinking is to become intoxicated, allowing for the 'positive things' to happen. Drinking has negative consequences, such as bad behaviours and Illness' but these are not considered, though they can be dangerous and jeopardize personal health.Alcohol Expectancies


1762 words - 7 pages , Stanton. Diseasing of America: Addiction Treatment Out of Control.Toronto: Lexington Books, 1989.Plesser, Donna R. Illegal Drugs and Alcohol. New York: Random House, 1983.Webster, Merriam Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language. New York: Gramercy Books. 1989.Wechsler, Henry; Kuo Meichun. "College Students Define Binge drinking and Estimate Its Prevalence: Results of a National Survey." Journal of American College Health. September 2000. Vol. 49 Issue 2. p57. 8p.

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1663 words - 7 pages student will become an alcoholic, too, and vice versa. The Counseling and Psychological Services at the Pennsylvania State University found that twenty percent of its clients are adult children of alcoholics (Finn, 2). The purpose of substance-free residence halls is to promote the healthy habits of its’ students. The campus wants to send the massage to incoming students that the majority of the campus does not participate in binge drinking or drink

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711 words - 3 pages Harvard CAS indicate that ‘“students who binge one or two times during a 2-week period are roughly three times as likely as non–binge drinkers to get behind in school work, experience a memory blackout, have unplanned sex, fail to use birth control during sex, damage property, get in trouble with police, drive after drinking, or get injured”’ (qtd in Wechsler 2000). Student should be aware of these consequences and think more about not getting

Binge Drinking in the College Culture: Identifying Causes, Consequences, & Potential Treatment Approaches

2860 words - 12 pages , 133. Fillmore, M. T., & Jude, R. (2011). Defining “binge” drinking as five drinks per occasion or drinking to a .08% bac: Which is more sensitive to risk? The American Journal of Addictions, 20, 468-475. Fromme, K., & D’Amico, E. J. (2000). Measuring adolescent alcohol outcome expectancies. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 14 (2), 206-212. Graceffo, J. M., Hayes, J. A., Chun-Kennedy, C., & Locke B. D. (2012). Characteristics of high- risk


792 words - 3 pages college binge drinking during a period of increased prevention efforts: findings from four Harvard School of Public Health Study surveyrs, 1993-2001. Journal of American College Health 50(5):203-217, 20025) Hingson, R.W., Heeren, T., Zakocs, R.C., Kopstein, A. Wechsler, H. Magnitude of alcohol-related mortality and morbidity among U.S. college students ages 18-24. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 63(2):136-144, 20026)

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1788 words - 7 pages be protected from alcohol related problems. Peer pressure strongly influences teenagers to drink. During the teenage years it is generally very important for teenagers to feel they are one of the group and that they fit in and are not different. Teenagers who feel unpopular sometimes drink alcohol to fit in, even though they may not choose to do so otherwise. One example of this is binge drinking in college fraternities and sororities. When

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1458 words - 6 pages ability, memory loss, depression, violence, and suicide is greater.” (Drinking Age Statistics have proven that the younger you are, the more likely you are to binge drink. In the United States, reported that 10 million teens between the ages of 12 and 20 have drank over the last year. Of those 10 million, 6.5 million engaged in binge drinking and 2 million engaged in heavy drinking. The Center for Disease Control and

The Effects of Underage Drinking

997 words - 4 pages 18” ( At the age of twenty one, one has experienced more life situations than an eighteen year old has, making the twenty one year old a more responsible human being. It is also proven that “Raising the drinking age has apparently increased responsibility among young people. Compared to 1980 when less than 21 was the norm, fewer college students in 1995 reported drinking in the past month (68% vs. 82%) and binge drinking (39% vs. 44

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1028 words - 5 pages Binge Drinking Binge Drinking is a problem for college students who are expose to an unlimited access of alcohol for the first time ever. Studies have found that an individual’s critical thinking ability is impaired because of alcohol consumption. “Binge drinking means drinking so much within about 2 hours that blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels reach 0.08g/dl.” As the CDC reports “One in six U.S. adults binge drinks about four times a

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3766 words - 15 pages drinks in a row for men and four or more drinks in a row for women” (Banta 2008:802). The survey will look similar to the one below: 1) What is your gender? Male/Female 2) What is your current status? Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior 3) How many times have you binge drank in the past month? (Note: Binge drinking is 5 or more drinks on one occasion for men and 4 or more for women) 0, 1-3, 4-6, 7+ 4) Do your parents drink alcohol? Yes/No 5

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1045 words - 5 pages . "Drinking to forget? Bad news... alcohol can actually help you remember | Mail Online." Home | Mail Online. 13 Apr 2011. Web. 19 Oct 2013. "Teenage binge drinking has genetic link; gene known as RASGRF-2 plays a crucial role in controlling how alcohol stimulates the brain to release dopamine - NY Daily News."Daily News America - Breaking national news, video, and photos - Homepage - NY Daily News. 4 Dec 2012. Web. 20 Oct 2013 Willis, Melinda T.. "Brain Damage Can Occur While Binge Drinking - ABC News." - Breaking News, Latest News & Top Video News - ABC News. 16 Apr 2012. Web. 20 Oct 2013

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1317 words - 5 pages by gender, but you will see that the results are very similar?"The extent of binge drinking varied widely among the 140 schools in this study, from a low one percent of students to a high of seventy percent of students. More than half the students were binge drinkers at 44 (31%) of the school (Results?2)."Binge drinking has been an issue at colleges since the beginning of colleges, but to see the statistics and to actually be in college and go to