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Binge Drinking And Its Effects On College Campuses

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There is a common misconception among college campuses, and that is that "kids will be kids". This implies that college student drink a lot and that it is accepted and most times even expected. The truth of this idea is that kids won't just be kids and that it is not acceptable to drink all the time. Many college kids then engage in what is known as binge drinking. "Binge drinking is defined for men as drinking five or more drinks in a row in the past two weeks, and for women as drinking four or more drinks in a row. 'Frequent' binge drinking was defined as binge drinking three or more times in the past two weeks (Results?1)." To the average college student this definition is absurd. Most of these students can drink five or six drinks and not feel a thing. They have developed what is known as tolerance for alcohol, making it necessary for them to drink more drinks in order to reach the desired effects.A lot of times binge drinkers have very serious problems. For example, "frequent binge drinkers are seven to sixteen times more likely then non binge drinkers to have missed class, gotten behind in their school work, engaged in unplanned sexual activity, not used protection when having sex, gotten in trouble with campus police, damaged property, or been hurt or injured (Results?1)." These are amazing results, to think that the youth of our nation could be performing so much better in their academic careers if alcohol wasn't an option, is a sad thing. The truth is that alcohol is a large part of the college experience, and social life in general. It is a very rare occasion you will find a party, on any college campus, that does not have alcohol or other drugs included.Below is a graph that represents the student drinking status on college campuses nation wide, it is done by gender, but you will see that the results are very similar?"The extent of binge drinking varied widely among the 140 schools in this study, from a low one percent of students to a high of seventy percent of students. More than half the students were binge drinkers at 44 (31%) of the school (Results?2)."Binge drinking has been an issue at colleges since the beginning of colleges, but to see the statistics and to actually be in college and go to the parties where binge drinking occurs quite frequently, is a whole different ball game. This is a very serious subject that most people choose to ignore or act like it doesn't even exist.During these college days, where alcohol is almost always involved, the students also run the risk of getting into some very serious trouble. According to Jean Kinney, "a blood alcohol level of 0.10 is sufficient to issue a DWI in any state. It is more than enough for states with a lower legal limit for intoxication?. In addition to the parts of the brain controlling judgment, the centers controlling muscle coordination are depressed. There's a stagger to the walk and a slur to the speech. (Loosening?51)"This means that even a person that has had only one...

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