Binge Drinking: The Kiss Of Death

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College students have hectic schedules. Mornings and most of the day is repetition; wake up, go to class after class after class, eat in between, then pass out. Although college students have this somewhat unbearable schedule, once their week has come close to an end they get ready for their weekend. When this happens many students part take in binge drinking, a horrible habit that can change their lives forever. Three main things that come up when I think about college students binge drinking is alcoholism, money problems, and worst of all death.
You may be asking, “what is a binge drinker?” A binge drinker is someone who doesn't drink alcohol every day, but a person who drinks a months worth of alcohol in a day or two. Not every college student drinks, but those who do are more likely to become alcoholics. The average undergraduate is drunk 10.6 hours of the week. Why do these college students decide to drink alcohol? Alcohol makes them feel good. They consume so much alcohol, that they give themselves a high making them feel good. What they might not know is that they become dependent on the alcohol, causing them to become addicted. Once they're addicted they crave the high, and give into desire for that feeling, and drink more. My grandfather’s best friend is an alcoholic. His name is Winston. I grew up around him and I was told he “liked” to drink.I found out when I was older, Winston didn't just like alcohol or drinking, he was completely dependent on it. It was the only way for him to get over all the insecure things in his life. His drinking has cost him almost everything in life, and he has gone to rehab many times. Lately Winston has been so dependent on drinking, that he has spent all his money on supplying himself with alcohol. He literally sells his tools...

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