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Bio Of The Prophet Muhammad. Info About His Life, Before And After The Rev. In Chrono. Order

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MUHAMMAD AS A NORMAL MAN (570-610)Muhammad's birth is said to have been in the "year of the Elephant." Which is around the time of the invasion from Yemen, where an elephant was brought along in order to smash the Kaaba. This event happened in 570 AD.Muhammad's family belonged to the clan of Hashim, a branch of the Quraysh tribe. While the Quraysh were ruling Mecca, the Hashimis had little but religious status connected to the Kaaba. Muhammad's father, Abdallah, died before Muhammad's birth, and his mother, Amina, died when he was 6. Muhammad was put in the care of his grandfather Abd Al-Muttalib for 2 years, and after that with his uncle Abu Talib, until he was older.Muhammad is not believed to have had any education, and at a young age he started to work with the caravans. While working as a trader, Muhammad came to know Khadija, who was the owner of a caravan company where Muhammad was employed. When Muhammad was 25, Khadija was 40, and they became married. Khadija had children from both of her other marriages, and she had 7 children with Muhammad.Khadija died in 619, and soon Muhammad remarried. Unlike usually having one wife at a time with his marriage with Khadija, he now chose to have several wives, up to 9. He married some of these wives for political reasons, in order to become closer in relations with powerful people in the society.THE FIRST REVELATION (610)Muhammad received his first revelation in 610. He was on the mountain of Hira, which is outside the holy city of Mecca. There, Muhammad received the first part of the Holy Quran from the angel Gabriel. Muhammad was ordered to recite some words. The first part Muhammad received is found at the beginning of Sura 96 in the Quran. It says this:Recite in the name of your Lord, who created,created mankind from clots of blood,recite, and your Lord will be the bountiful,he who have taught by the pen,taught mankind what was not known.After this first revelation, no new revelations came. Then after a long waiting period they came back, and continued for the rest of Muhammad's life.The revelations changed 'styles' during the next 22 years of his life. They went from more poem-like in the beginning to more dull later. And in the message, it changed from warnings on what Allah would do to mankind if people didn't turn in the direction of him, to regulations on behavior and rules for the people.CONVERSIONS AND CONFLICT (610-619)The first person to be converted to Islam was Khadija, Muhammad's wife. Khadija, from the first revelation to her death, was a very important support and protection for her husband, especially with money.Muhammad also enjoyed the protection of his uncle, Abu Talib. But Abu Talib and Khadija both died in 619, and from this time on, Muhammad's position was under strong threat.The process of converting was slow in...

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