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Bio Spectra: Montreal's Socially Responsible Company Essay

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INTRODUCTIONAs management students we often hear of many concepts and practices that have been landmarks of the way business is conducted by the worlds most powerful and influential organizations. Between theories of cost effectiveness analysis or process integration, we are told that business are similar to living organisms in that they change and interact with the rest of society.This assertion has many effects on the way we look at them and how we define what their purpose should be. From a purely economic standpoint, businesses are there to make money. From a social perspective, many in the business world argue that organizations produce certain goods such as employment opportunities that translate into improved living conditions for all those connected to this mechanism.Furthermore, as the sphere of influence of business has grown in the last decades, so too have the debates over the limits of their interactions with the rest of society. Loud calls have been made by many parties to monitor with increased scrutiny, the social contributions of companies. Among the main argument for such a position is the belief that organizations have run above caring for society’s best interest. By being—for much too long—held accountable to only the economic performances of their firms, leaders of industries have elected to steer their organizations clear of meeting any social objectives aligned with the communal best interest.But there currently is a change in perspective regarding the approach to business and social responsibility. The more careful analysis of businesses and their role in building the societies have led to a shift in perception and the now popular understanding that just as we citizens are required to be accountable for the consequences—even those unforeseen—of our decisions, organizations must conduct their affairs in the manner which are aligned with the greater good.While some in the business world initially rejected that position; stating that by focusing on anything more than the financial performance aspects would be a sure fire way of hindering their overall standing within the national and international arena, more converts have adopted a multi layered approach to success.The rehabilitation of business activities is still far from completed; as most leading corporations are still entrenched in their old ways of doing things, in their old roadmaps—old habits die hard. The only encouraging thing to keep in mind is that today, many reference points lead us to good corporate citizenship. I am by no stretch suggesting that social responsibility and business are today joined at the hip, rather that when looking at the business landscape, it is apparent that things are moving in the right direction.After a very extensive search, a company, that embodies the spirit of good corporate citizenship and that should be held as an example for all those still waiting to take the leap of faith and realizing that better...

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