Biodiesel The Fuel Of The Future

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In my senior project I would like to try to explain the process of making biodiesel and how it can save this country and its people a lot of money. Biodiesel can be made by anyone with free time and dedication.
So choosing to research Biodiesel is a very popular alternative fuel that everyone’s talking about and know’s nothing about. So after doing some research I have a rough idea of what biodiesel is and what its made of. Biodiesel is a alternative fuel that is used in diesel motors so people don't have to run just straight diesel fuel. This idea is very eco friendly and puts good use to all the old cooking oils used in restaurants.
Sometimes they charge you to buy the cooking oils but other places might donate it to you. The less money you have in the old oils the better because the process of turning it into biodiesel may take a little money. People have found that you can make biodiesel for as little as .50 cents a gallon this is good for the producer and the consumer because if it only costs .50 cents a gallon and you sell it for a $1 then everyone wins.
The production of biodiesel requires constant attention if you want to do it efficiently. The producer must maintain clean filters and proper chemical mixtures to make sure the finished product is usable fuel. If your oils are not filtered properly then the fuel may not ignite under pressure or it could burn dirty opposed to properly filtered oils.
One bad batch of biodiesel can ruin your reputation among local farmers and consumers. Though you may make really good fuel if someone gets a bad batch it will be just like a girl in highschool with the rumors that would spread. It could and more than likely would be hard to gain the trust back from many consumers. People work their whole lives to get nice equipment and they don't like risking it just for a little better fuel prices.
What you will need to make biodiesel is a series of filters and two chemicals named sodium hydroxide (lye) and methanol after your oil has been filtered and is clean you then take it and mix in the chemicals making sodium methoxide which after being continuously mixed for a half hour to an hour it...

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