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Biofilm Formation And Colonization Are Of Prime Importance In Initiation And Progression Of Dental Caries

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An ideal restorative material should have a property of adhesion to tooth structure and an ability to withstand the occlusal forces. However, some therapeutic and caries preventing efficacy might be desirable. Glass ionomer cement has been shown to produce some degree of antibacterial effect due to release of fluoride [3]. Several studies have been done to increase the antimicrobial effect of GIC without compromising the physical properties of the restoration. Takahashi Y [4] in 2006 and Tuzuner T [1] in 2011 advocated that the incorporation of chlorhexidine into GICs has resulted in an excellent antibacterial effect in vitro. Frencken JE [5,6] observed that microorganisms counts in both affected and infected dentine were significantly lower underneath conventional GIC restorations. It is speculated that the chlorhexidine released from the material can persist in the mouth by binding to the pellicle and saliva, creating a bacteriostatic milieu, which ...view middle of the document...

[10] incorporated chitosan whisker from shrimps shells into dimethacrylate based dental resin sealant and claimed that sealant containing chitosan exhibited antibacterial effect against S. mutans and therefore can be used as an alternative antimicrobial pit and fissure sealant. Inhibitory effect on streptococcus mutans and mechanical properties of chitosan containing composite resin was studied by Ji Sun Kim et al. [11]. In their study, chitosan of different molecular weights were incorporated in composite resin. The study revealed that chitosan modified composite can be used as a practicable antibacterial restorative material due to its antibacterial nature and mechanical properties.
Biofilm formation and colonization are of prime importance in initiation and progression of dental caries. Igarashi K et al. [12] concluded in their study that an undisturbed plaque up to 2 days is more acidic as compared to immature plaque. Therefore, in the present study antimicrobial efficacy of modified glass ionomer cement was evaluated by estimating the bacterial load on 2 days old dental biofilm. The results revealed statistically significant difference in bacterial load among the three groups, i.e. CFUs were lowest in chitosan modified GIC followed by chlorhexidine-cetrimide modified GIC and maximum CFUs were observed in conventional GIC. The findings of present study suggested that antimicrobial effect of GIC is enhanced after addition of CH and CHX-CT in GIC. However, chitosan modified GIC showed a significantly lower bacterial load when compared with chlorhexidine-cetrimide modified GIC. The observations depicted that degree of bacterial attachment or plaque accumulation was less on chitosan modified GIC than on chlorhexidine-cetrimide modified GIC. Tarsi et al. [13] suggested that the mechanism of anti-adherence activity of chitosan involved bacterial surface modifications, alterations in expression of bacterial surface ligands, and chitosan adsorption to host surfaces to change in hydroxyapatite ionic properties. The reasons of adding CH to conventional GIC are its high biocompatibility and hydrophilicity, which are important features for a restorative material. Tuzuner T. et al. [1] observed that the addition of chlorhexidine diacetate/cetrimide at 5% concentration

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