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Biofuels: There Is Potential Needs A Lot Of Work

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Biofuels should not be developed as an alternative fuel source. There are many potentials for biofuels however, the drawbacks overshadow the benefits. One main issue with using biofuels is that the companies making them (biodiesel) are promising to yield unreasonable amounts. The theoretical yield per year is around 6, 000 to 10, 000 gallons of oil per acre, and companies who claim they are able to produce yields over this amount are getting many investors; only for the investors to find out years later that the invested money has gone to waste⁴. This serves as the biggest issue because during those years, that invested money could have went to actual companies that could have done ...view middle of the document...

At the end of this process, we increase global hunger and cause deforestations in order to produce an alternative biofuel that is not globally accepted because biofuels are not cheaper than crude oil.
In the process of producing biofuels, a lot of time and energy is put into research. Many test are done to create conditions that would benefit the production the most and in some cases, the most beneficial means of production may cost the most. In the case of algal biofuels, there are two methods that cultivates algae. One, by having an open pond system algae can grow because there is enough carbon dioxide, sunlight and water. Algae is beneficial because it can grow on non-arable land and in waste/ salt water¹. The issues with this is that these algae are susceptible to many pathogens and temperature would be a limiting factor for algae growth. Many strands of algae grow best at 20-30 degrees and pond temperatures are hard to regulate therefore during lower temperatures the yield will decrease¹. Two, industrial production of algal biofuels. In industrial production, there is less chances of pathogens affecting the algae, but the photobioreactors that contain them are costly. “Using LED photobioreactors has a production cost that is eight times that of open ponds which costs about $3 per kilogram and solar-lit photobioreactors costs about five times that of open ponds.¹ ” Industrial production is in a controlled environment, however it comes with its prices. The price of everyday products are constantly rising so people use whatever means possible to save money where they are able to. As...

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