Biograhpy Of George Washington Of His Life And Accomplishments

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George Washington was born in 1732 into a small Virginia planter family at Westmoreland county Virginia. He was the oldest son of his father and his fathers second wife. They both were of English descent he lived the early part of his life in his families estate on "Pop's Creek" along the Potomac River. His father died in 1743. Soon after that George went to live with his half brother at his house at Mount Vernon. His brother also acted as a "substitute father for his brother". He learned his morals and manners and things like that from his family so he acted like an 18th century Virginia gentleman. Even at the young age of 16 he was interested in military and western expansion. When he was 16 he helped survey Shendoah lands for the lord Fairfax. He also commissioned a lieutenant colonel in 1754, and fought the first fights of what became the French and Indian war. The next year as an aid to General Edward Braddock he had two horses shot from under him and had four bullet holes in his jacket but didn't get one scratch on him.In April 1754, when he was on his way to put up a post at the Forks of the Ohio, Washington found out that the French had already set up a fort there. Since he knew that the French were advancing, he threw up a fort at Great Meadows which he named Fort Necessity since obviously it was a necessary fort. He then marched to intercept the French troops. In the fight that resulted from that the French commander sieur de Jumonville was killed and almost all of his men were taken captive. Washington pulled back his small force into Fort Necessity where he was overrun by the French in an all day battle. The battle was fought in the rain. Surrounded by enemy troops and his food almost gone and his ammunition (which was useless because of the rain) Washington capitulated. Under the terms of the surrender signed that day, he was allowed to march his troops back to Williamsburg safely.At the end of the year 1754 Washington was unhappy because of the discrimination of him and British officers with rank and pay he resigned. In 1759 until the American Revolution was started Washington kept up his neglected land around...

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