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I did my biography on my grandfather. He was a very successful man who was in the air force.
My great grandfather was Guo-Liang Chang. He was working under china's spy system(like the CIA in USA). At the time, China was against Japan, fighting in World War 2.
My grandfather was born in December 24th, 1921. He was born in Hunan State in China. His name is Jer-Shian Chang. He was an only child but he had many step-brothers and step-sisters but they always picked on him. It was very peaceful from childhood to high school.
There were two parties at the time, the “Guo Ming party” and the “Moaw party”. Guo-Liang Chang(my great grandfather) was working for the Guo Ming party so my grandfather did too. After high school, he joined an Air force college in China.
He received pilot training and learned how to fly a propeller fighter plane. But, the Guo Ming party was defeated so they had to transfer to Taiwan. The USA supports Taiwan so the military there has more advanced weapons and equipment. So, instead of flying a propeller plane, he learned to fly the jet plane. It was a combat jet F-86 plane that could fly over 30000 feet high and could be equipped with cannons and missiles.
The Guo Ming Party was trying to fight the other party and take China back. They used US planes to spy and collect information from China and find out where to bomb. After looking at the collected information, they knew where to bomb. They bombed the important spots of the Moaw Party.
My grandfather's job was to protect Taiwan from China planes by Circling the island and defending the island from not allowing China's planes to attack Taiwan. He would take shifts with his group going by groups of 3 planes each time.
Once, my grandfather was low on fuel and was being chased by one of China's planes. He would've been shot down but he was smart and hid in the clouds. The enemy couldn't see him...

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